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Headbanger Sports - Softball/Fastpitch Hitting Tips

Headbanger Sports - Softball/Fastpitch Hitting Tips

Learning how to properly time your swing is key to becoming a great hitter in fastpitch softball. With only 43 feet to track the ball and make a split-second decision on whether to swing or not, it requires some of the fastest reaction times of any sport.  If you’ve ever played fastpitch softball before, then you know nothing beats the feeling of making solid contact with the ball as you watch it sail away into the sky, and improving your hitting means you can experience this rush more often. To help you and your team improve in the batter’s box, we have compiled some softball batting tips that will help you step up to the plate more confidently.

Mental Tips

One of the most important aspects of improving your batting is becoming mentally strong when at the plate. These mental softball batting tips will build your confidence and allow you to be the best player you can be.

Getting Ready in The On Deck Circle

When you are on deck, it is a great time to prepare yourself mentally. As you watch your teammate battle it out at the plate, focus on controlling your breathing. Once you have collected yourself, think about what your at bat will look like. How fast is the pitcher throwing? Are they throwing pitches at a certain position on the plate consistently? Will there be baserunners on the field? Envisioning a successful at bat is a great way to set yourself up for success. Win the at-bat before you ever step into the box and carry your confidence around the bases after your hit.

Learn From Failure

Did you ground out or get caught looking on a fastball? It’s okay, everyone has a bad at bat from time to time, but each failure can be seen as a way to improve net at bat. Beating yourself up can ruin your self-confidence in a game. By accepting what happened and making the changes you need for your next at-bat, you will be prepared for anything a pitcher throws your way.

Hitting Tips

Consistency is key in developing a strong swing, so be sure to practice these softball batting tips whenever you get the chance – in a game, at practice, or when you’re working on honing your skills and training on your own. Being more consistent will help you find success in any ballpark and make you feel more confident at the plate.

Relax Your Shoulders

Standing at the plate with a tense stance can ruin your at bat. When your shoulders are relaxed, the rest of your upper body follows and allows for a smooth, powerful swing every time.

Load Your Hands and Legs

As the pitcher prepares for release, you should be loading your hands and legs so they are ready for an explosive forward movement when the perfect pitch crosses the plate. It’ll take some anticipation, but loading your full swing before the ball is thrown means there is less you have to concentrate on when the ball is coming at you, meaning you can track it easier and swing smoother.

Avoid Holding the Bat in Your Palms

We encourage players to have a comfortable grip on their bat whenever at the plate. Holding your bat too tightly to your palms causes unwanted tension in your swing and makes it less powerful. If your wrists don’t have the freedom to rotate on your swing, you lose some of the driving force behind your hit. To avoid a bat slipping out of your hands at a pivotal moment, look into wrapping your bat with some dependable bat grip tape.

Keep Your Hands High

Keeping your hands in a high ready position should influence the rest of your body to assume a more ready position as well, and it will allow you to swing down on the ball. Swinging down on the ball often results in a better hit, while swinging down on the ball often results in a pop up or a whiff foul. Also, be sure to keep your hands even with your back shoulder so your hits are more packed with a driving punch that will get you on base more.

Looking for more softball batting tips? Check out our blog for more expert tips. Headbanger Sports is your home for Fastpitch Bats. We have a wide variety of bats for every age and skill level. Find the perfect one for you today, and check back soon for even more softball batting tips.

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