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Wilson A2000 Baseball & Softball Gloves
Shop the latest Wilson A2000 baseball gloves, including game models! Whether you play infield, outfield, pitcher, first base or catcher, you can experience why the A2000 continues to be a top choice for players. Enjoy our Fast Free Shipping!

Are you looking for a glove that you can rely on to catch every ground ball, line drive, and fly ball? Then you have come to the right place. Wilson is one of the most popular brands in both baseball and softball for engineering the top fielding gloves and mitts in the game. Wilson was founded in 1913, but it wasn’t until 1957 that the company invented one of the most revolutionary baseball gloves that changed the game forever: the Wilson A2000.

The Wilson A2000 quickly became and remains the benchmark for modern glove design. It is used to this day by baseball professionals, like Clayton Kershaw and Robinson Cano. This particular glove line has become so popular and well-known for several reasons:

● Unparalleled Durability
These gloves are made using pro stock leather, which is some of the most high-quality leather available. That provides each glove with remarkable durability and feel. Its durability is drastically increased further by its dual welting that’s integrated into the lining.

● Built for Comfort, Control, and Longevity
The A2000 not only accounts for strength but also the player’s comfort and glove control. The fingers have a flat-finger binding, which is perfect for those who enjoy playing defense with one finger outside the glove. This binding increases glove control and comfortability but also the glove’s longevity.

● Wide Range of Colors and Models for Everyone
Because the original A2000 was invented in 1957, some changes have been made. Wilson has released numerous models and they come in a variety of stunning colors. Plus, they have options for all positions, like catchers, pitchers, infielders, and outfielders.

Fortunately, here at HbSports, we know just how beloved the Wilson A2000 gloves and mitts are to our players. We are proud to have a large selection of these gloves available so you can easily find the best one for you, your position, and your style.

Wilson A2000 Baseball & Softball Gloves



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