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Headbanger Sports - Softball Drills

Headbanger Sports - Softball Drills

Are you looking for some new softball drills to try at practice? The team here at Headbanger Sports is here to help you and your team shine this year. No matter how good your team is, there is always room to improve your hitting, pitching, and fielding. Try one of these great drills and take the diamond in confidence in your next game.

Fielding Drills

Short Hop

Short Hop is a great way for your team to practice fielding balls that will bounce before it comes to them. All you need for this softball drill is a glove and a ball. It helps players get practice fielding ground balls while preparing them for unexpected hops.

How It Works

Set 2 players 60 feet apart in the infield, roughly one base apart from each other. Players will take turns throwing the ball to each other. The player throwing the ball should try to land the ball roughly 5-10 feet in front of their teammate, so the ball bounces before they field the ball. The player fielding the ball needs to be in a ready position so they can field the ball no matter where the bounce goes. Players take turns throwing the ball and should remain 60 feet apart at all times.

Can of Corn

Can of Corn is a drill that helps outfielders communicate while getting practice fielding balls in the outfield. You will need a bucket of balls and a bat for this drill. We prefer a fungo bat for this drill, but any bat will work for this drill.

How It Works

Spread your team across the outfield, so they are equally spaced across the field. Some players should be deep, and others will be much closer to you. You will hit balls to players spread across as high as you can. Each player is responsible for calling their catches and must successfully field the ball. If a player fails to catch the ball or incorrectly calls off another player, they do conditioning of your choice. It is a simple yet fun way to help your team develop a sense of awareness for what is around them while tracking balls down in the outfield.


12-4 Drill

The 12-4 Drill helps pitchers focus on accuracy before speed. You won’t need any extra equipment for this softball drill. It is great for developing pitchers and perfecting landing pitches in the strike zone every time.

How it Works

Pitchers start at the mound and attempt to hit the strike zone 12 times before they throw 4 balls. If they throw more than 4 balls, they start over. Have your catcher call each pitch and keep track of the overall count. This drill helps players focus on throwing accurate pitches instead of speed. Encourage your team to pitch at roughly 60% of their normal speed. Make sure your pitchers aren’t overworking their arm in this drill if they are continually resetting the count.


Drop Ball Drill

One of the best softball drills for hitting is the Drop Ball Drill. For this drill, you will need a ball, bat, and a fence or net to hit into. This drill increases bat speed and improves hand-eye coordination.

How It Works

Players stand just outside the swing plane so they don't get hit and drop balls over where the batter will swing. The batter will attempt to hit the ball as it falls before it hits the ground. Make sure your team is practicing proper swinging mechanics and aren’t dipping their swing low to reach for balls. Players must hit the ball in the strike zone. Adjust the drop higher or lower depending on how well the batter is hitting.

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