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When you are playing in a slowpitch softball league or tournament, you know that you need to have the best bat out there in order to bring your offensive game to unprecedented heights. You need something that is durable, reliable, comfortable, aerodynamic and offers you remarkable grip.

That’s just where AXE slowpitch bats can come in to save the day. AXE has been critically acclaimed for its unique and effective bat design features. The inspiration was sparked in 1990 when Bruce Leinert was swinging an axe and realized the potential a similar shape and design might have for a baseball bat. Since then, the AXE bats have gained an explosive following.

One aspect that makes these bats so unique is their axe-like handles. These are crafted specifically to provide their wielders with optimal bat control and grip on the bat. It also furthers their swing speed and range of motion to vastly improve every “cut.”

Another admirable feature of AXE slowpitch bats--and all their other bats, to be frank--is their endcaps. While many companies and brands tend to oversee this feature, AXE recognizes its potential and takes full advantage of it. Their lightweight HyperWhip composite endcaps provide users with more aerodynamic capabilities, faster swings, and better-balanced barrels.

Their patented slowpitch AXE handle is a unique feature in their slowpitch bats that is especially attractive. These handles are designed to provide batters with maximum whip, faster swings, and increased swinging freedom.

Are you ready to round the bases more often? Then be sure to browse all of our AXE slowpitch bats and pick up the right partner-in-crime for you to make that happen. If you have any questions about how to select the right bat for you, then give us a call at 1-888-540-BATS.

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