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Indulging in your favorite sport is one of the most relaxing yet thrilling activities one can experience. Whether you win or lose, it is an enjoyable time that keeps you wanting to come back for more. But what happens when you get injured and have to spend weeks--maybe even months--recuperating?

You have to abstain from your favorite sports-- that’s what happens. And it’s heartbreaking, especially when it is due to an avoidable injury. That is why having the right safety equipment for any sport is imperative, and this is especially true for softball and baseball.

Softball can be a dangerous sport. Did you know that a fastpitch softball pitch from a college player ranges in speeds from 58 to 74 mph? That is significantly fast, which can lead to massive injuries for those in the batter’s box.

Did you also know that the average baseball pitch is 85 to 95 mph? Whether you play softball or baseball, you are at constant risk of injury. That is why you should equip yourself with the best protective gear, like a baseball or softball elbow guard.

Using an elbow guard can protect your most vulnerable area in the batter’s box: your elbow. It is the closest part of you to the pitcher, which you should properly protect. Your elbow is a delicate part of the body and can become injured from a fast pitch, whether it be in softball or baseball.

Fortunately, at HbSports, we have you (and your elbow) covered. We have several baseball and softball elbow, arm, leg, shin, and ankle guards available for you to choose from. There are multiple color and shape options available all from Evoshield, the company that is trusted and used by 85% of MLB professionals.

We also have other protective equipment for you to utilize from Evoshield, such as thumb guards, leg guards, and even wrist guards.

Protect yourself with the right baseball or softball elbow guard so you can worry less about injuries and focus more on winning.

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