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Wilson Sporting Goods has enjoyed an illustrious history that spans well over 100 years by this point. They have been consistently lauded by players and fans for their quality, premium materials, expert construction, and high-end performance. The name Wilson is a legend among athletes - regardless of other brand preferences. 

Today, Wilson is a name that is synonymous with ball gear, particularly fielding gloves, which is the brand’s bread-and-butter. While quality has remained consistent over the years, it is in innovation and the adoption of high-tech, performance-enhancing materials that has typified Wilson staples, like the Wilson A1000, A500, A900, and Wilson A2K gloves.

These fielding gloves are renowned for their reliance on premium quality materials and construction in accordance with exacting standards. Regardless of the web style of the glove, players can enjoy the confluence of quality from the following features which are found in many Wilson baseball and softball gloves:

● Pro Stock Leather: Renowned for its durability and sensitivity, Wilson’s Pro Stock leather is exceptionally high grade, tough and supportive yet supple enough to remain comfortable.
● Pro Lux Leather Liners: Soft and supple, these premium leather liners improve both fit and comfort.
● Flat Finger Binding: Reduces the amount of space between the fingers and the back of the glove, minimizing discomfort when making strenuous plays.
● Dual Welting: Attractive but most importantly functional, dual welting reinforces Wilson gloves and helps them keep their shape.
● Double Palm Construction: Some Wilson gloves feature Double Palm Construction, which features a leather insert between the glove shell and the leather liner. It increases pocket stability, helps the glove hold its shape, minimizes wrinkling, and most importantly, reduces rebound, resulting in greater comfort.

Some Wilson baseball and softball gloves even feature enhanced factory break-in, so you can get out in the field without spending too much time beforehand breaking the glove in for comfort. Check out our collection of Wilson gloves below, and if you have any questions about them, free free to get in touch with us at 1-888-540-BATS!




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