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Miken, a subsidiary of Rawlings Sporting Goods, is both a player and a fan favorite. Season after season, Miken defines the game with the release of new bats and gear that are technologically advanced and optimized for player comfort and performance.

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Game-Defining Technology
Miken’s catalog of softball bats, including USA, ASA, USSSA, and SSUSA senior softball bats is driven by a commitment to using nothing but the best quality materials and cutting edge technology.

Among the many amazing technological advancements made by many of their softball bats are some of the following:

  • Triple Matrix Core + Technology: Boosts composite volume and eliminates the need for seams, creating a more durable, reliable bat. 
  • C-4 Carbon Fiber: Enables greater performance, flex, and durability, around the entire barrel. 
  • F4P Technology: Improves energy transfer through the handle to the barrel by optimizing flexibility, for extreme power. 
  • 750X Pressure Infusion: Special pressure treatment compresses fibers for durability and performance, ensuring HOTW performance with little to no break-in. 
  • Tetra-core Technology and 100% Comp Formula: Select Miken Freak bats are made with extremely tough aerospace grade fibers and contain an inner core tube that boosts barrel performance. 
  • Z-lock Handles: Improve flex and feel to maximize bat speed for killer hits. 
  • Z1649 Technology: Utilizes varying fiber angles throughout the barrel walls, lowering compression and creating a massive sweet spot. 
  • Smaller knobs to improve player comfort, handling, and control. 
  • And countless other proprietary technological features! 

Ready When You Are
In addition to the extraordinary engineering of Miken’s bats, batting, and fielding gloves, they also produce a wide range of gear bags that are designed to fit players’ lifestyles.

Be ready before practice or your next tournament with one of their softball backpacks or roller bags. Leave nothing behind, protect your gear and keep it all within easy access. Many of their gear bags provide specialized protection for your bats, gloves, shoes and other gear!




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