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Marucci, which is still based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a remarkable success story of commitment to innovation and technology that deliver performance. Though many professional players swing Marucci wooden bats, it is in their composite and alloy bats that their commitment to innovation really shines through.

Consider the Marucci CAT 9 as a flagship baseball bat to carry this banner.
The CAT 9 was developed for one thing - staunch, unflinching performance. From knob to end cap these Marucci bats are infused with technological superiority, and players have noticed.

It starts with the Second Generation AV2 Anti Vibration Knob that minimizes negative vibrational feedback and helps to counterbalance the barrel weight; lowering swing weight and maximizing swing speed. The CAT 9 also includes a micro-perforated soft-touch bat grip that improves control and further reduces negative feedback.

The barrel is made from AZR alloy that is produced using a combination of thermal treatment processes that make the alloy stronger and more responsive, so you can feel more forgiveness through the swing.

The CAT 9 also features a ring-free, multivariable wall design that produces exceptional performance without a dead spot at the point of the ring. The CAT 9’s multivariable wall design also creates a larger sweet spot with thinner walls that are more forgiving as well. The barrels of BBCOR CAT 9’s also incorporate a longitudinal groove system (LGS) that boosts performance along the thickest section of the barrel wall.

Capping it all off is the CAT 9’s modern end cap which minimizes drag, adding every little advantage possible to enable higher swing speeds and better power through the swing.

Better responsiveness; less negative feedback; higher swing speeds; amazing energy transfer from an expanded sweet spot. 

That’s what you get with a Marucci CAT 9.

Continued Success through The Marucci Player Advisory Board

Who else but the pros themselves could lend the insight necessary to sustain such a successful venture? The continued success of Marucci bats is no happy accident. It’s the pros who swing their wooden bats, and the pros that offer the input, advice, and suggestions that keep Marucci’s designs game-defining, through the generations.

Over the years, MLB greats like Albert Pujols, Francisco Lindor, Chase Utley, Jose Bautista, and countless others have lent their insights to Marucci to keep the company great - and they have.

It’s that type of professional acumen that’s in the DNA of Marucci bats.




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