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Headbanger Sports - Baseball Pitching Drills

Headbanger Sports - Baseball Pitching Drills

A pitcher has more control over the game than any other player on the field. They stand on the mound high above everyone else on the field and are on display on every play, with all eyes on them up until they throw the ball. Those who excel in this position have the control and confidence that comes with hours of practice and game time experience, and if you want to get to their same level, you can start practicing some of these pitching drills to help you improve your skillset and lead your team to victory this season.

Balance Drill

Balance is one of the most important parts of a pitcher’s control on the mound. This baseball pitching drill helps pitchers follow through and maintain balance from the windup to delivery. For this drill, you can use a pitcher’s mound, but it can also be practiced anywhere.

How It Works

Start with both feet on the pitching rubber. As you go into your windup, hold your foot elevated in the highest position for 15 seconds. Then, lower your foot and begin again and repeat this process nine more times. While simple, this drill helps pitchers find their balance with their driving leg. When pitchers get into the habit of simply falling towards the plate, they lose some of the power behind their pitch. Knowing how to balance on that driving foot helps you better utilize it to increase your pitches velocity.

Drive Drill

This drill helps pitchers focus on driving down through the end of their pitch to help increase speed and focus on following through on their pitchers. All you need for this drill is a ball.

How It Works

For this drill, the pitcher will stand up straight and pick a spot on the ground about a foot in front of themselves. The pitcher begins the throwing motion and then drives the ball into the spot they picked. There is no need to go into a full wind-up for this drill. Repeat this drill ten times, focusing on hitting the same spot every time. This drill helps pitchers focus on throwing with a downward trajectory and helps keep them in the strike zone while putting a driving force into their throws.

Follow Through Drill

This baseball pitching drill encourages pitchers to follow through on their pitching motion and helps increase pitch speeds. For this drill, you will need a bucket and a ball.

How It Works

The pitcher starts by placing the bucket upside down behind their stance. The pitcher takes a kneel with one foot raised on the bucket behind them and the other firmly placed in front of them (right knee for right-handers, left knee for left-handers). The pitcher throws the ball just as they would throw a normal pitch, except they stand up as they follow through. By starting in a kneeled position, the power behind the throw comes from the pitcher’s body bending over, along with a flick of the wrist. This drill helps pitchers focus on their follow through.

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