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All Short Porch Softball bats feature an ultra-thin, lightweight handle with a small knob that is designed to increase power and bat speed. The optimized feel and performance of the handle is unique with its own design that is separate from the barrel.  This technology is the standard in all of our one-piece and two-piece designs.

About ZOC composite
The ZOC composite found in all Short Porch bats is the process where we are able to manipulate the carbon fiber on a molecular level by removing the oxygen in the early stages of the manufacturing process. ZERO OXYGEN CARBON FIBER, or ZOC, allows us to make products without limitations while meeting industry standards and safety.

Turn Key End Caps
The Turn Key end caps are on all of our Short Porch bats lock down the final product that players deserve as we bring our designs to fields for years to come.

Short Porch Slowpitch Softball Bats



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