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Did you know we have a Podcast?

Did you know we have a Podcast?

Welcome back, fellow Headbangers! It’s a new year, and there are new topics to discuss on the horizon. One thing we’d like to kick off the year with is our podcast! For those of you who have yet to follow our podcast here at Headbanger Sports, it is called “Beyond The Fence,” where our hosts, Coach RAC (you may have seen him from his widely popular coaching videos across social media platforms) and two of our owners, Chris Bastien and Mike Talbott, discuss trending Diamond Sports topics, educational aspects of the sport, various coaching techniques, and even some former pro players who have come on and spoken about their personal experiences. Of course, there's also a fair bit of humor added to the mix.

For the most part, the episodes consist of the above-mentioned hosts, including a special guest ranging from other social media coaches such as ‘Bobby O’Neill’ and ‘Coach Murph’ to high school coaches speaking about their individual methods of training. We have even brought on guest youth players who are on their way to the pros, such as ‘Joey Urban’ and ‘KJ Scobey,’ speaking about what it takes to make it big.

Beyond the Fence isn’t just an average podcast where we simply kick back and burn through time. We discuss controversial topics within the Diamond Sports world. We bring in guests who have played professional ball, whether it's Baseball, Fastpitch, or even Slowpitch. We even have guests who have coached professionally, and some of our guests have worked for or are still working for big-name manufacturers such as Demarini (you’ll have to watch those episodes to find out more!)


If you have yet to check out our Podcast or have seen some of our shorts floating around, definitely take a look at the full episodes! We hide discount codes and special promotions within our podcasts as well as a lot of educational information, so don’t miss out on that opportunity! And for all those out there that like controversial yet hilarious conversations about what's happening in the Diamond Sports world, you have come to the right place! On that, we will leave you with some wise words from our very own Coach RAC…. Let’s Grow!

You can find Beyond The Fence Podcast on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Instagram and TikTok. All links for those channels can be found HERE.

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