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Introducing the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced!

Introducing the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced!

Welcome back fellow Headbangers! It’s time for our Fastpitch players to RISE ABOVE! In today’s write-up we will be discussing the EXPLOSIVELY HOT, all new 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced! Now, I'm sure a lot of you are saying to yourselves, “it's just another Ghost… what’s so different about it?” Well, that's why this discussion is here! We plan to break down the specs and changes to the all new 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced and what’s different in this generation compared to previous models.

 The Barrel

2024 Easton Ghost Advanced


Lower Compression = MORE POP! 

The 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced is Easton’s 3rd Generation of Double Barrel ( so aptly named  ‘ Double Barrel 3 ’ ) This Third-Generation of the Double Barrel construction combine’s Easton’s lowest compression for the outer barrel so far with a lightweight inner barrel providing the maximum allowed performance with an even more balanced swing weight! The lower the compression of the barrel, the higher the trampoline effect you’ll get from that barrel. This means higher exit velocities! Alongside that, this also makes these bats HOT out of the wrapper and are game ready! Tie that in with higher durability and that unique sound on contact, and you have a recipe to turn every head in the stadium. 


2024 Easton Ghost Advanced


Hear the CRACK!


Easton’s Sonic Comp ‘MAX’ composite material has been improved and maxed out! One important change on the Sonic Comp composite barrel is that the durability has been significantly improved! To further compliment the lower compression on the outer barrel, Easton has put a heightened focus on the durability of their composite material. Tie that in with the unique CRACK sound on contact that you get with the Advanced, and you have a recipe to turn every head in the stadium. 


The Handle


2024 Easton Ghost Advanced



No-one wants to have the sting of a mishit! Easton’s CXN Connection, an Elastomer Connector that interlocks the handle and barrel, separates the barrel from the handle providing the perfect amount of forgiveness eliminating vibrational feedback all while providing THE BEST feeling two-piece bat Easton has ever made! 


2024 Easton Ghost Advanced



Easton’s Power Boost Soft Knob provides hitters with even more shock absorption and exceptional Leverage all while providing a comfort so exceptional your bottom hand will feel like it's resting on a cloud. 


2024 Easton Ghost Advanced


With Easton’s popularity in the Fastpitch world, we expect BIG things from the all new 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced, especially with the durability improvement and lower barrel compression than previous generations. The Ghost Advanced is releasing to the public on February 8th so mark those calendars and don’t forget to shop at!

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