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What to Look For In Baseball Batting Gloves

What to Look For In Baseball Batting Gloves

Opinions on baseball batting gloves vary widely in the community of baseball players. There are some players who will swear by them and wouldn’t even be caught at batting practice without them. At the same time, there are those players who won’t make any compromises on their ability to read the feedback from a bat, regardless of how lightweight, thin, and sensitive their gloves can be. We’re not here to pick sides; only to offer some insight into the benefits you might be able to reap by investing in a quality pair of baseball batting gloves, and what to look for in a pair, should you be interested.

There are some players who will argue that gloves are unnecessary when practicing with high tech modern composite or alloy bats that already come with a very soft and sensitive grip. To them, batting gloves are reserved for mitigating the sting from a mishit on a wooden bat, without compromising on the sensitivity of the setup. At the same time, there are those who won’t wear batting gloves with wood because they want to feel everything that they can read through the bat. After all, a bat speaks its own language, and to the savvy listener, will divulge the secrets of its balance, performance, and sweet spot through its feedback.

With these reservations in the rearview, let’s consider some of the benefits that a quality pair of baseball batting gloves can offer you, and how to secure those benefits.

In the first place, a good pair of batting gloves have the potential to significantly improve your grip on any bat. When you’re giving your all to a swing and you can’t concede one iota of ground on control, gloves may be a good way to secure that control. Many gloves are actually created with highly tactile, even sticky palms, that can really enable players to get a very precise grip on their bats.

In addition, batting gloves can offer you a lot of advantages when taking the weather into account. If you’re a player whose hands tend to sweat in the heat, then you might find that gloves help you keep a better grip on the bat in the heat. This can be a particular problem with slick wooden bats, and having a pair of gloves on in the heat can help prevent sweat from fouling your grip. By the same token, some gloves can keep your hands warmer in the cold, and can even help cut down on the negative feedback from a mishit.

On top of protecting your hands from the sting of a poor or heavy hit, gloves can help you avoid the issue of blisters, especially during long hours in training. You may be prone to blistering up while you’re tuning your swing in the batting cage if you spend many hours doing so, and gloves can help you out with that. Plus, if you believe in the value of consistency, you will want to play the way you practice, and if you practice with gloves, then you’ll need to wear them during a game.

So baseball batting gloves have the potential to improve your grip and protect your hands - it all basically boils down to that. Here’s what to look for in a pair of batting gloves to ensure that they don’t compromise your ability to read the swing through the bat.

In the first place, you’ll need to make sure that the gloves you use offer a good grip. If they don’t offer you a good grip or area too uncomfortable to be practical, then really there is no good use for them. There are lots of types of gloves out there, with synthetic leather and tacky palms, and you may have different preferences from other players. Try on a few pairs and practice with them to feel what is most practical for you.

In the second place, and just as importantly, you’ll want a pair of gloves that are super lightweight and thin without giving up anything in the way of grip. Nowadays, batting gloves are made with ultra-modern technology that enables them to provide an unmatched degree of sensitivity that wasn’t possible in years past. Many of the modern batting gloves you will find on our site offer excellent grip and are extremely thin and lightweight for the ultimate performance and uncompromised sensitivity.

Speaking of which, we have one of the most comprehensive collections of softball and baseball batting gloves on the internet, featuring models from Worth, Spiderz, DeMarini, Miken, and others. Regardless of your personal tastes in batting gloves, if you are a player who wants them, you can find what you’re looking for in our store. If you have questions regarding our products or would like some more experienced insight into the practical uses, benefits, and even disadvantages of batting gloves, be sure to reach out to our customer service team at 1-888-540-BATS.

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