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Check Out These A2000 Wilson Gloves

Check Out These A2000 Wilson Gloves

Wilson is a tried and true name in sports, famous even before its launch to superstardom in the wake of Castaway. For players of baseball as well as fastpitch and slowpitch softball, Wilson is a name that they have learned not only to trust but to use widely in the course of their sports.

Wilson is a brand that made leather gloves before most of us can remember, and it is a name that today brings space-age technology into its fielding gloves and catcher's mitts for a performance that just can’t be rivaled. It’s interesting to wonder if the first makers of leather mitts and gloves way back when could have foreseen the impressive technology that their posterity would build into their gloves, but nonetheless, Wilson gloves are quality, dependable, and tough. Give each of these options some due consideration when you’re shopping for your next glove.

2020 Wilson A2000 PF88 Infield Baseball Glove (11.25”)

This is a really comfortable and practical glove that makes the most of Wilson’s Pedroia Fittm for players who have smaller hands. Wilson is unmatched for its construction from quality materials, and this glove is no different on those grounds. It’s made with Wilson’s Pro Stock Leather, which is noteworthy not only for its comfort but for its amazing durability. Break this glove in and years from now it will keep on getting comfortable as it keeps on catching like it's an extension of your arm.

It also has dual welting to hold it all together through season after season of fielding hard flying hits, and its H Web is designed to offer the perfect balance between durability and functionality.

2020 Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove (11.5”)

This mitt is also made from Wilson’s incomparable Pro Stock Leather so it can hardly be matched by the competition for durability. It’s also less specialized to any given position or style of play, so you’d be pretty well equipped just about anywhere on the field with this glove.

It has flat finger binding for grip and comfort, as well as an open back and a Dri-Lex Wrist Lining to keep you cool and comfortable even when things get hot on the field. The web is sturdy and optimally engineered to absorb the force of a line drive or a fly ball - it even has extra lacing at the base of the web to give it extra longevity. This glove, moreover, is designed to hold together over the long haul, so like any Wilson glove, it will get more comfortable as you wear and use it.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Catcher’s Mitt (34”)

Catchers have slightly different needs in mitts than fielders have, and Wilson gloves contain stellar examples of catchers' mitts on top of their other lines of gloves. This is just one of many fine examples that you can put into play if you’re a catcher.

One of the most important things you can find in a catcher’s mitt is an enhanced ability to cope with impact and rebound. This mitt features an extended palm, wider web, and stiffer thumb. All of these things come together to make a tougher, more durable mitt that can absorb stiff, fast pitches without ever batting an eye.

It’s also important for a catcher’s mitt to be lightweight, too, as catchers need to be able to make quick moves and respond to rapid changes in the fly of a ball at a very close range, often with no advance warning. They also need to wear the glove for long periods of time, which can be fatiguing. This glove is engineered to be as lightweight as possible, reducing fatigue. It also has a number of other features that make it more comfortable and more practical to use for extended periods of time during a game.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Slowpitch Softball Glove (13.5”)

Wilson doesn’t just make baseball gloves for fielders and catchers. They also produce some of the finest gloves out there for fastpitch and slowpitch softball players and this is one of them.

Its combination of Pro Stock Leather and SuperSkin offers a combo of lightweight performance and strength that just can’t be matched. To illustrate this point, their SuperSkin is half the weight of leather yet twice the strength - that’s a performance factor of four. It’s not only lighter and stronger, but it is more water-resistant.

This glove also offers other popular features like a Dri-Lex Wrist Lining that we mentioned previously, as well as a conventional open back to help keep you cool when the heat is on.

Whether you find yourself drawn to one of these or yet another of the Wilson Gloves on our website, you can find a collection here like no other. Plus, our prices are great and our customer service has no equal. Don’t believe it? Give us a call at 1-888-540-BATS and we’ll prove it. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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