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The 2024 Louisville Atlas BBCOR is on Another Level!

The 2024 Louisville Atlas BBCOR is on Another Level!


Welcome back fellow Headbangers! Today we have something very special for you! Introducing the ALL NEW Louisville Slugger 2024 Atlas BBCOR Baseball Bat.  The 2024 Louisville Atlas BBCOR has been improved in durability as well as an increased sweet spot, off the charts pop and is EXTREMELY light and well balanced. This is an alloy bat you should NOT pass up, it's on another level! 



Louisville has dedicated HUNDREDS of hours in manufacturing and testing on this bat to ensure its durability and pop are at the maximum while providing a MASSIVE sweet spot. Alongside that, the Atlas is designed utilizing insights from AI simulations, providing a variable barrel thickness along its entire length. This is what is creating that massive sweet spot and optimized performance as stated above.

As quoted by Louisville Slugger’s Director of Engineering James Earley, “We literally did thousands and thousands of design iterations using the computer to come up with the optimum performance profile for each bat length, …. We were able to manipulate the wall profile so that every spot on the barrel has great performance.”

 So now that we got the Hype train going, let's talk about the specs regarding the 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR. 




  • 2 5/8 inch Barrel Diameter
  • Balanced Swing Weighting, for the ultimate combination of speed and power
  • Colorway: Blue / Orange / Black / Yellow
  • One-Piece Alloy Construction: Stiff, durable design focused on amplifying a player’s bat speed to deliver peak exit velocities.
  • EVOKE Alloy Barrel: Designed with the help of artificial intelligence using thousands of computer simulations, resulting in an optimized wall design along the entire length of the barrel.
  • SPD-Gen2 End Cap: Designed with lightweight, composite materials to optimize barrel performance.
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™: Applied to the handle for the added tack and cushion players love, improving comfort and bat control.
  • TUNED Mass Damper (TMD): Component within the handle absorbs vibration for an unbelievable feel with every swing – no matter where players make contact.



The Tuned Mass Dampener - The Ultimate Vibration Eliminator



I'm sure a lot of you guys are wondering or are asking yourselves, “Why would I get an alloy bat? My hands are just going to sting with every hit!” Well fear not because Louisville has engineered a clever fix to this all too common problem! As stated above in the Specs list, inside the upper handle is something Louisville calls the “Tuned Mass Dampener”. The Tuned Mass Dampener ( as shown in the image above ) is located in the upper handle right above where a normal player's hands will be positioned. How it functions is as the vibrations flow through the alloy material towards your hands, this clever device intercepts those vibrations preventing them from reaching the players hands! With this addition to Louisville’s new alloy baseball bats like the 2024 Atlas BBCOR, players can swing with confidence at the plate and can enjoy an unbelievable feel with every swing regardless of where they make contact with the ball. 





With all that is said about the new 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR, it is working its way to the top of the list for alloy BBCOR baseball bats. Its hard to disregard the HUGE potential this bat provides with the EVOKE alloy providing insane pop and ear ringing sounds, to the Innovative Tuned Mass Dampener eliminating vibrations before getting to the players hands so you can swing with the utmost confidence every time you're at the plate. If you are in the market for a new Alloy BBCOR baseball bat, don’t overlook the new 2024 Atlas BBCOR and as always, swing by to get yours today!

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