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Spiderz Batting Gloves: What They Offer, Why They Help

Spiderz Batting Gloves: What They Offer, Why They Help

You’re up at bat; bases are loaded at the bottom of the Ninth and just batting one runner in will tie the game for your team, keeping things going. Stakes are high; your heart rate climbs and sweat starts to rise.

You can feel the pressure even though the crowd is silent. All eyes are on you. You can especially feel the attention on your teammates. No one talks; they’re waiting for the pitch, nearly as intently as you are.

Surprisingly, it looks like the pitch is going to tack-drive the dead-center spot in the strike zone. No tricks here. The pitch keeps coming, without sliding or curving. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, time slows down.

You swing, with all of the power you can summon. The bat rotates just a little in your grip from the sweat, turning a home run into a squib of a ground ball that doesn’t even get your runner on third home.

You should’ve gone to bat with Spiderz batting gloves.

Spiderz Batting Gloves Specs: Comfort and Class
The first thing you’ll notice about Spiderz batting gloves is their slick design. These gloves are made for players that like to catch attention and the company has created some really rockstar designs.

But if you come for hook, you’ll stay for the performance. Here’s what Spiderz batting gloves offer you.

2021 Spiderz PRO Model Batting Gloves:

The 2021 Spiderz PRO Model Batting Gloves were developed through extensive testing and adjustment to ensure that they were comfortable, fit perfectly, and helped to improve grip and sensitivity while also cutting back on negative feedback through the bat.

They are tightly fitted but exceptionally flexible, for superior comfort.

-The back of the glove features a thin mesh, which allows for greater flexibility through the glove, while keeping them breathable, even during the heat of a game.

-The textured leather palm helps to absorb the uncomfortable sensation of mishits while improving your grip on the bat.

-These gloves are designed to fit tight, but feature a tripe reinforced wrist strap so you can get a custom fit. They also feature a mesh and neoprene wrist strap to improve comfort.

2022 Spiderz Hybrid Batting Gloves:

The 2022 Spiderz Hybrid Batting Gloves took on the design of the 2021 PRO Model Batting Gloves and then made them even better.

-For better protection of the knuckles and the back of the hand, these Spiderz batting gloves feature flex cut knuckles and a raised Spiderz “Spider” top hand design for a kicka$$ look and superior cushioning.

-A Spider Web palm that offers exceptional grip and minimizes negative feedback without compromising on sensitivity. It’s also designed to resist peeling. These 2022 Hybrid gloves also feature a palm pad that offers superior durability.

-They also feature a triple reinforced wrist strap, but it’s shorter, only extending partly down the wrist to improve flexibility and control.

-These gloves even have a tag so you can mark your name!

Now let’s take a look at what Spiderz batting gloves really offer - regardless of the model and style that appeal to you.

[Don’t] Bring the Sting
Everyone’s been there. Whether you simply misjudge the pitch or the bat slips a little in the hand, when you miss the sweet spot, hit the ball too low on the barrel, or just glance, it’s not an experience you’ll soon forget.

Even though many modern baseball bats and softball bats have special technology that helps to counterproduce mishits and the painful negative feedback and vibrations that arise as a result, there’s only so much that technology can do.

Rocking a pair of Spiderz batting gloves, however, effectively puts a barrier between you and the bat grip, serving to deaden negative feedback from mishits. The best part is the palms of these gloves are ultra-thin, so even though they help cut back on mishits, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. They’re that comfortable.

Better Grip - Fight Perspiration
Half the reason you’ve experienced mishits in the past is probably that your palms were sweaty. Don’t get us wrong, mistakes happen, and it’s entirely possible that you could have misjudged a pitch or swung too early or even too late; but in reality, many mishits and misjudgments are caused or exacerbated by sweat and loss of bat control.

There’s only so much you can do to fight it if you don’t wear gloves. You can dry your hands on a towel or even apply powdered chalk, but this is only effective up to a point. After a little while, that sweat will work its way back.

Spiderz batting gloves, however, give you better control over the bat without having to worry about pesky perspiration. They’ll keep sweat from causing you to lose control, and they can give you a better grip when wet, anyway, so it doesn’t even matter if it’s raining!

Unrivaled Feel
Some players who choose not to wear batting gloves do so because they claim it adversely affects their ability to feel through the bat handle. Plus, some bats have deadening grips, so why would you want gloves on top of that?

Well, as a redundant measure to further protect against negative feedback. The great thing about Spiderz batting gloves is that they have super-thin palms that allow positive feedback to pass right through while shutting the lid on harsh vibrations and sting. You get the best of both worlds with no loss of sensitivity.

Better Confidence
Finally, the unspoken benefit of Spiderz batting gloves is that they’ll allow you - or your favorite youth player - to develop confidence over the plate. In many ways, confidence is as important as talent, and confidence needs to be cultivated and reinforced. If lost, it can be devastating.

A pair of quality batting gloves like these will instill good habits, remove the pain of mishits, and enable better control over the bat, all of which help to reinforce confidence.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair today - they’ll ship free from HB Sports!

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