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Softball Batting Gloves: Are They Worth It?

Softball Batting Gloves: Are They Worth It?

Play softball long enough, and you’re going to come up against your share of opinions. Some of them you will agree with, and some, well, not so much.

One of the hot debates in the world of softball (and baseball) right now is over the matter of batting gloves. For a long time, batters have been arguing for and against softball batting gloves, and there’s little they agree on.

The truth of the matter is that softball players in both camps have pretty good arguments. The choice is really up to you to decide since you’ll be the one who has to go with them - or without them.

Check out some of the following reasons that players both like and dislike batting gloves and then reach out to our customer service team if you want to learn more.

Arguments for Softball Batting Gloves

Here are some of the reasons that you’re going to hear players arguing in favor of baseball batting gloves and softball gloves as well. If you’re looking to find a pair of batting gloves, here are some of the best reasons you could have for it.

  • They improve your grip on the bat

The first argument that you’re going to hear in favor of batting gloves is from people who argue that they improve your grip on the bat. Well, in their defense, that is the basic premise of batting gloves, and if they can’t offer that, they aren’t worth much.

Many batting gloves are made with leather palms or palms of other tacky synthetic materials that specifically give you a better grip on a bat, especially when your hands may be slick with sweat.

  • They minimize the sting of mishits

Another thing that batting gloves are designed to do is to protect your hands from the sting of mishits. You will strike fewer mishits as you get more experienced, but mishits are just a part of the game, even for pros, and they hurt.

Wearing batting gloves can help to provide a cushion between you and the angry energy of a softball that just came into contact with the bat at the wrong angle.

  • They can protect your hands against developing calluses

If you play softball or baseball without gloves, your hands will develop calluses, not just from batting but also from fielding. At least on the batting side of things, gloves can help to keep your hands from getting too tough.

  • They give your hands just a touch more insulation in cold weather

While they aren’t expressly designed to keep your hands warm, having batting gloves is better than having no gloves at all. If the temperatures take a dip, your batting gloves will keep your hands just a little bit warmer in the cool, which improves circulation and again, has a splash effect on grip.

  • Modern advancements make batting gloves lighter, thinner, and more sensitive

Finally, there are modern batting gloves on the market that make the most of modern engineering to be lighter and thinner, to improve your grip on the bat.

Arguments Against Softball Batting Gloves

By contrast to some of the points argued above, there are a number of reasons that some players are simply dead against wearing batting gloves. Here are some of the reasons that some players choose to keep their distance, for better or for worse.

  • They deaden the feedback your get through the bat

Players that don’t appreciate batting gloves will argue that batting gloves deaden the feedback that comes to you through the bat. This is a valid concern, as feedback helps you to refine your swings.

  • Some of them can actually hinder your grip on the bat

While many modern batting gloves afford a great grip, at the same time, some of them can actually weaken your grip, especially if it is raining or otherwise wet out.

  • Some see callus development as a natural part of the game

While we previously mentioned that batting gloves will help to protect your hands against the formation of calluses, not everyone sees this as a good thing. Some see the natural formation of calluses as a way to protect your hands from the discomfort of mishits while still allowing you to feel all the feedback you need to refine your swing.

Want to Learn More?

If you can’t decide for yourself, get in touch with our customer service team at 1-888-540-BATS and we’ll go over some of the arguments for and against batting gloves so you can gain a better understanding of the conditions surrounding the contest.

Then, you can decide for yourself whether you want your own pair or you would rather go without. Rest assured, whether you’re looking for batting gloves designed with a leather palm and a breathable back to offer a comfortable fit, you’ll find that and plenty more in our online store.

Check out our collection of baseball batting gloves and slowpitch and fastpitch softball batting gloves today so you can find your favorite pair - if you so choose.

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