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Pick the Right Wilson Gloves

Pick the Right Wilson Gloves

Picking the right Wilson gloves is largely a matter of personal choice and preference. Still,  you don’t see many outfielders lugging catchers’ mitts into the outfield inning after inning, and there’s a reason for that. Wilson baseball gloves and softball gloves are, simply put, some of the best in the game.

If you need a new glove for the spring, check out this guide, and if you have any product or performance questions, get in touch with our customer service team at 1-888-540-BATS. A member of our team would be more than happy to help you find your all-time favorite baseball or softball glove.

Pay Attention to Position

Probably the first thing you should consider is what position you’re going to play or have played before. Gloves and mitts are made with the specific needs of players in mind, so if you’re a pitcher you shouldn’t be looking at outfielders’ gloves unless you have a specific need to do so.

  • Catchers - Catcher’s mitts are specially designed and padded to protect catchers’ hands from taking too much abuse catching pitches all day long. 
  • Pitchers - As a general rule, pitchers prefer gloves with a closed web design, and don’t worry too much about the depth of the pocket since it’s relatively rare for pitchers to make game-altering fielding plays. The closed web helps to conceal the ball from the eyes of the batter.
  • Infielders - Pocket depth and finger length are up to you, but you might want to go with an open web design like an H-web or an I-web because it will help you shed dirt and make surer, quicker transfers in the infield that can change the course of a game.
  • Outfielders - Closed or open web doesn’t matter too much, but you should think about a longer glove with a deeper pocket since reach and securing the ball are critically important in the outfield - more important, most of the time, than the quickness of a transfer.


Comfort is important too since you don’t want to pick a glove that will wear you out. Many Wilson gloves are specifically designed to offer an advanced degree of comfort.

Whether that comfort comes from a Wilson A2000 Glove’s SuperSkinTM or Pro Stock Leather is up to you. Just know that there are a lot of options out there, and you need to sift through them.

In addition, keep in mind that a glove will need to be broken in with time, regardless of whether or not it is comfortable right out of that gate. Another thing to look for in order to ensure a comfortable and secure fit is an adjustable wrist strap, that many slowpitch and fastpitch Wilson gloves offer.


A durable glove is critical, whether it’s a baseball glove or a softball glove designed specifically for a female athlete. Many of the Wilson gloves on our website are made with extremely tough leathers and synthetics that are not only tough but very light.

The tougher the leather, the more seasons you will have with a glove before you have to retire it. Also keep in mind that though a glove might be somewhat less than comfortable at the time of purchase, there’s a good likelihood that its comfort will improve significantly with time and use - this just means it’s a durable glove, and that’s a good thing.

Get the Right Web

We touched on the importance of the web structure above, but it bears a little more elaboration. Pick one of these based on the comparative benefits:

  • Closed or basket weave - The closed or basket weave shields the ball from the eyes of other players, so most players using this are pitchers. Another type of closed-pocket glove is the Two-Piece closed web, which is heavier and stiffer than other closed webs, so it requires greater break-in and more strength to use.
  • I-web, H-web, or Single-Trap - All of these types of webs are more or less open, making them lighter and very fast. They also shed dirt and grass, making them very useful for infielders who need to make lightning fast transfers without debris getting in the way or wearing out the glove prematurely.
  • Modified Trap - Modified trap gloves enclose the pocket partially through the use of a strip of leather and leather lacing. This makes them a little heavier than basket weave gloves, but more flexible than the two-piece closed web mentioned above.

There are others out there, but these sum up the strengths and weaknesses of what you’ll come across fairly succinctly in our Wilson baseball and softball gloves. Pick one that you think will suit you based on the attributes based above.

Whatever Model You Want, We Have It!

Start here, and if you have any questions, make sure you reach out to us. Whether you’re looking for a different softball glove or a baseball glove with any of these features - right handed or left handed, you’ll find it in our shop. Even if you want to stick with Wilson, check out our collection today and call us if you need assistance.

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