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Rawlings Softball Gloves: Are They Really Worth It?

Rawlings Softball Gloves: Are They Really Worth It?

Is there anything more revitalizing than when you step onto the softball field, listening to the dirt crunch beneath your cleats as you run into your position, whether it be on defense or offense?

We really don’t think so here at HbSports. We take softball seriously, just like you do. Every moment, from waiting for the next pitch to making a logic-defying play, is one that requires special consideration and attention.

That is why we proudly provide all of our softball-loving clients with the most dependable and durable gear: so they can truly shine on the diamond no matter where they are. One such offering is our Rawlings softball gloves, some of the most reliable fielding gloves in the game.

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is, “Are Rawlings softball gloves worth it?” We hear you and we are here to finally answer this question: yes, they are worth the investment.

Why Choose Rawlings?
Let’s first look at exactly why Rawlings is a manufacturer that you can trust. Rawlings has long been a powerhouse in the softball and baseball industry. In fact, its inception was in 1887, which means they have had well over a century of experience.

While they are knowledgeable in their industry and do indeed provide players of both softball and baseball with what they need on the field, they are extremely innovative and always searching for more modern and improved solutions to include in their products.

This is clear evidence that Rawlings knows what they are doing. However, are they trusted by solely amateurs, or do professionals also depend on Rawlings for their gear?

Do Professionals Use Rawlings Gear?
Rawlings is such a dependable manufacturer of softball and baseball equipment that they have been trusted to supply some of baseball’s greatests with state-of-the-art equipment, like Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente. They have supplied them with not just gloves, but bats and balls as well.

It is worth noting that a majority of MLB players actually use Rawlings gloves over other brands. Another popular, but less popular, brand in the MLB for gloves is Wilson.

As for softball players, Rawlings is truly beloved by some of the most popular professionals. The 2016 NCAA Division 1 National Championship winners, The Oklahoma Sooners, wear only Rawlings gloves. This further purports just how reliable Rawlings softball gloves in particular can be.

The Sooners are but one softball team that utilizes Rawling softball gloves, along with other Rawlings gear. The National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) league (which will be replaced by the Women’s Professional Fastpitch in 2022) has partnerships with Wilson, Dudley, Diamond, Louisville Slugger, Easton, and Rawlings.

Which Are the Best Rawlings Softball Gloves?
When you are trying to find the right glove for you, especially for fastpitch softball, it can feel quite overwhelming. However, now that you know you can trust Rawlings to get the job done right, you need to know which of their softball gloves is the best for you. Let’s take a look at just the two best fastpitch softball gloves from Rawlings.

1.Heart of the Hide Series

The Heart of the Hide series from Rawlings easily makes the top of our list. This particular series of gloves has been in the game for years and has been loved by both softball and baseball players for that time.

The softball glove models in particular have earned their own merit. They are specifically designed to be perfectly balanced in order to fit around any female hand. These gloves are handcrafted of full-grain and high-quality leather, leading to optimal comfort and stability.

It has been especially praised for its longevity, as players often use it for season after season after season. These gloves have been recognized as being one of the best softball gloves on the market, so, yes– we’d say their price is worth it.

2.Liberty Advanced

The second Rawlings glove to make our list is the Liberty Advanced. It is perfectly catered to the female’s hand, which is ideal for comfort and performance. It comes out of the box 80% broken in, which is excellent for those who are apprehensive about the tedious breaking-in process.

This glove is made of full-grain, oil-treated leather and features a single post, double bar web design. These gloves are designed with fastpitch players of nearly all ages, from high school and beyond. Plus, whether you are an infielder or outfielder, this glove will be your best friend on the diamond as they have versions specifically catered to all positions.

Whether you are looking for the best Rawlings softball gloves or other high-quality equipment from different brands, trust in us here at HbSports to supply you with exactly what you need from the outfield grass to the batter’s box.

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