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4 Types of Baseball Bags: Which One is Best for You?

4 Types of Baseball Bags: Which One is Best for You?

You know full well that indulging in your favorite sport involves purchasing and utilizing various pieces of equipment. For baseball, that is certainly the case: bats, gloves/mitts, cleats, batting gloves, batting helmet, pants or shorts, a jersey for games, socks, sliding pads– and plenty of other accessories on top of all this.

While you know that playing baseball is worth the investment in this gear, you also know that you need to properly store all of this “stuff” in one convenient location. This is to keep everything organized but also so you can seamlessly lug it from home to the diamond.

Fortunately, that’s where baseball bags come in. However, there are so many baseball bags to choose from– so how exactly do you choose which one is right for you, your position, and even your personal preferences?

Let’s take a look at the four types of baseball bags in order to help you narrow down your choices faster and, ultimately, find the perfect bag for you.

1.Wheeled/Roller Baseball Bag
One of the most convenient of all baseball bags has to be the roller or wheeled baseball bag. These particular bags tend to be the largest option of all the types of baseball bags out there. While this bag type may sound cumbersome, it really isn’t because its larger size provides you ample space for your stuff but it can be rolled around from point A to point B.

They come in a multitude of sizes, colors, and designs from all of the top baseball brands: Miken, DeMarini, Easton, Evoshield, and so forth. Fortunately, here at HbSports, we have several options of wheeled baseball bags for you to choose from!

A wheeled bag can serve any baseball player exceptionally well, but this is especially true for catchers and even coaches. This is because these two ultimately have the most gear to lug around. There are even specific bags designed for these two, such as the catcher’s wheeled bag and this coach’s wheeled bag. Why not place it all in a larger bag and easily roll it around with you everywhere you go?


If you aren’t interested in rolling your bag around and having it potentially collect dirt, mud, and other unwanted debris on its every journey, we understand. Or maybe you just don’t feel like you need all that space for your things. Roller bags may not be for everyone! What about baseball backpacks (or “bat”packs, if you will)?

These backpacks allow you to simply place your gear in your bag and wear it all on your back for easy transportation. Our baseball backpacks come from top-of-the-line manufacturers, providing you with not only a bag you can use for optimal organization but even comfort.

They have sleeves for typically two bats, a vented shoe compartment, and various compartments and pockets throughout for fitting and holding all your baseball necessities and extra gear.

3.Handheld Bags
One of the most classic of all bags to use for various sports and other activities is the duffel bag. These are typically handheld bags with small straps that provide ample space for all your baseball gear. All you’ll need to do is lift it by the small handle straps and you’re on your way!

These handheld baseball bags are almost exactly the same as the classic duffel, but they tend to have more compartments and overall better storage options than duffels. They also come in a wide range of styles and features, bound to satisfy any player’s preferences.

However, one thing to note is the carrying aspect of this bag. If you have a lot of items to carry (looking at you, catchers), this might not be the most ideal bag for you, as it could be uncomfortable and even awkward to carry around.

4.Shoulder Bags
Shoulder bags are quite similar to handheld bags, except they offer a handy-dandy strap so that users can carry the bag over their shoulder instead of solely in their hand. Ultimately, they have very similar features to handheld bags, including the small handles, but offer the extra option of a shoulder strap.

How to Choose the Best Baseball Bag for You
While we’d love to simply tell you to 100% get this bag or that bag, that unfortunately cannot be done. This is simply because there are several options that you need to weigh in your deliberation, such as your position, your amount of gear, your comfortability level, and overall personal preference.

However, we will say for those with more equipment, you should opt for the wheeled bag so you can easily transport all of your pieces of gear with you everywhere you go without the added strain of carrying it all.

As for those with lighter and less equipment, like outfielders and infielders, you might find that the “bat”packs could suit you the best, as they are comfortable and convenient to carry.

While you deliberate these four types of baseball bags, be sure to browse all of our equipment bags here at HbSports before purchasing. We have numerous options for you to choose from where you’ll undoubtedly find the best option for you!

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