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Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Here's some ideas!

Last Minute Holiday Shopping? Here's some ideas!

Welcome back fellow Headbangers! The holiday season is steadily approaching and here at Headbanger Sports we are offering some exciting deals for the remainder of the year! In today’s writeup we will be highlighting some of our popular discounted items such as our discounted Gloves for all types of players as well as some great stocking stuffer gifts!

Stocking Stuffer gifts



We are going to start this out with some great stocking stuffer gifts! Stocking stuffer gifts would be smaller, more budget friendly items that usually will compliment a main gift, such as bat tack to complement the new bat your son or daughter is receiving as a Holiday present! 

A few Stocking Stuffer gifts to list off are:

- Ball Players Bat Tack

- Spiderz Grip Tape/ Vulcan Grip Tape

- Rawlings and Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves

- Spiderz “Mystery” Batting Gloves



We are having a special discount on ALL of our Spiderz Batting gloves until the end of the year! For just $22.00 you will receive a RANDOM pair of Spiderz Batting Gloves. You pick the size and we randomly select a color for you! These are the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer for any ball player. 


Gift Cards



Gift Cards can also be purchased directly from our store! A Gift Card from Headbanger Sports can be another GREAT Stocking Stuffer gift for any ball player as this allows them to pick what they want! Our gift cards are email based. So when you purchase a gift card from us, we email you a “One Time Use” code to use in checkout. You can get creative with this by creating a clever design, adding the code in and perhaps having a printed out sheet as part of the stocking stuffer. The values for these gift cards can range from $10 up to $300.

Discount Gloves



The want and need for a good glove is never-ending for a ball player. With the Holiday Season coming to a close, we try to get everyone into a brand new glove by having these clearance sales. From Baseball to Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball we have it all! Prices for these clearance gloves start at $84.95 with the Marucci Acadia Youth Baseball Gloves. 

Discount Bats



Baseball and softball bats have always been the go-to Holiday Present. Your child wakes up to see a thin, long present sticking out from under the tree and their face immediately lights up with joy already having a hint as to what it may be! Here at Headbanger Sports we understand shopping on a budget, that's why we have a whole section on our website dedicated to our “on sale” bats and discounted products! Discounted items, such as the widely popular 2022 Demarini Zoa Baseball bat, is currently on sale for $199.95 (original MSRP: $399.95). You can shop all of our Discounted Products HERE



With the holiday Season coming to a close, we hope to see everyone taking advantage of some of our phenomenal deals!

Please consider expedited shipping options to ensure your package arrives before the Holiday Season comes to an end! Refer to the image below as reference! Thank you and Happy Holidays from Headbanger Sports! 


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