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Understanding the Importance of Tee Hitting: A Simple How To Guide

Understanding the Importance of Tee Hitting: A Simple How To Guide

The humble batting tee might seem simple, but it's a powerful tool in any player's arsenal. Lance Berkman, a seasoned pro, knows the ins and outs of tee hitting, and today, we're delving into his advice to enhance your batting practice sessions.

While it may seem silly, having the right tee placement is the upmost importance. According to Berkman, positioning the tee is crucial. Placing it on the outer portion of the plate can help you drive the ball up the middle - a fundamental skill for any hitter. This spot encourages a straighter bat path and prevents the common mistake of rolling over during your swing. If you're having issues with this check out the video below where Coach Rac gives some advice on how to fix this.

Achieving Backspin: The goal off the tee should be to create backspin on the ball, sending it soaring straight to the back of the net. Backspin indicates a well-executed swing and is key for driving the ball with power in games.

Understanding Bat Path Tendencies: By practicing with the tee, you can learn your natural bat path tendencies. Are you dipping? Rolling over? Each swing off the tee provides feedback, allowing you to make adjustments and iron out your imperfections and hitches.  Using a cell phone or camera to record yourself during your swing, and then analyzing this data can help drastically.

Why Tee Hitting Matters: Tee hitting isn't just for beginners; it's a disciplined practice that even the pros return to time and time again. Baseball players in the MLB hit hundreds of times off a tee before heading to live Batting Practice. It's about building muscle memory, refining your hitting mechanics, and cultivating a consistent, powerful swing.

To conclude this simple tee hitting guide, tee hitting is about precision, patience, and persistence. With the tee as your coach, you can fine-tune your swing, understand your tendencies, and build the foundation of a great hitter.

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For more insight on Tee Hitting you can watch Coach Rac explain this Simple Guide to Tee Hitting: 


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