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Introducing the All New Axe Flared Knob! What’s different?

Introducing the All New Axe Flared Knob! What’s different?

Axe is back! This time with something all new and very exciting! Axe has always been good about product feedback and tweaking their bats (and knob designs) to better fit the needs of the players that use them, even those that tried past iterations and weren’t very fond of the feel. Axe has heard you guys loud and clear and this latest design is by far the best feeling knob that they have ever created. Lets breakdown the new flared knob design and what is new about it, then let's introduce the ALL new 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Flared BBCOR Baseball Bat and breakdown some of its features. 

The Flared Knob is here! What’s different from the traditional Axe Handle? 


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As you might be familiar with, Axe handles are designed to promote safer and faster swings for players of all ages. Whether you're just starting out and want to develop a proper swing technique or have played for years and want a safer swing (a swing that doesn’t break/overlap your wrists, potentially causing damage to your wrists and forearms) or a faster, more accurate swing speed through the zone, Axe handles have helped thousands of players. But some aren’t comfortable with the Axe handle design even to the extent of saying that it feels “uncomfortable” or “not natural”. With the most recent handle design, the Flared Knob has confronted the negative feedback head on and produced an answer!

With the new flared knob, reports have already come in stating just how much better it feels. It's more comfortable to swing, feels more natural, almost effortless and free feeling when swinging through the zone.The image above is a comparison of the standard Axe handle on the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Vs the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Flared Knob

First thing to notice is that the knob is far less dramatic than the standard handle, even though it still holds the overall Axe handle design and promotes much of the same benefits parents and players expect from an Axe handle. Towards the base of the handle, it tapers out more, giving a natural feel that frees up a hitter’s hands to maximize their swing speed as well as working with various types of grips (Even for slowpitch softball players that drop their pinky underneath). Lastly, it is slightly more rounded at the knob rather than squared out like the traditional style. The combination of these three main changes (Less dramatic design, more rounded knob and a flared taper handle) while still providing the benefits of the Axe handle design is truly a unique experience and is something you’ll need to try for yourself!

If you’re hesitant or not overly fond of the traditional Axe handle, the Flared knob is the PERFECT transition! 

Let’s review the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Flared BBCOR Baseball Bat featuring the new Flared Knob: 

2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR (Traditional handle and Flared Kob)


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The 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat now comes in the traditional Axe handle as well as the Flared Knob design. All product features below are the same EXCLUDING the handle/ knob.

The Flared Knob on the new 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball bat has parents and players excited! The 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball bat is built as a  three-piece hybrid design, combining a hot alloy barrel with a smooth as silk composite handle, the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. The really impressive part of this bat is the performance on contact. The sweet spot has been increased as well as the barrel size, extending the maximum .500 BBCOR performance zone, ESPECIALLY in the vital area closer towards the endcap where a players swing speeds are the highest. The ball seems to effortlessly jump off the barrel every time you make contact with the ball. The handle is a new, stiffer 3-piece design that increases power transfer from player to ball and eliminates virtually all vibration. The combination of this hot as fire alloy barrel, stiff 3-piece handle, and the new Flared knob, it’s easy to see why there’s such a hype behind the new 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball bat. Below are some of the specs of this bat:


Shop 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Flared BBCOR Baseball Bat at Headbanger Sports



What makes the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid: 

  • Hottest barrel at the max limit 
  • Largest sweet spot grew even longer 
  • Barrel size increased to Axe’s biggest barrel 
  • Extended max .500 BBCOR performance zone 
  • Stiffer handle for power transfer and response 
  • 3-Piece technology virtually eliminates vibration 
  • Power swing weight


Key 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid Bat Features: 

  • NEW Hybrid 3-Piece Construction: alloy power barrel + lightweight composite handle + vibration connection technology 
  • NEW Armor Enhanced Alloy Barrel: comes hot out of the wrapper and remains strong and durable for the lifetime of your bat  
  • NEW Precision Variable Wall Engineering: barrel boasts a massive sweet-spot and next level power  
  • NEW Stiffer Shock Suspension: Industry leading vibration technology intercepts vibration at the connection point 
  • NEW Charged Carbon Max Handle: Carbon composite material brings lightweight speed performance to the very edge of the legal limit  
  • NEW Composite Hyperwhip Endcap: Sleek composite design reduces weight for a faster, larger, and louder barrel 
  • NEW Flared Knob: tapered design feels natural, works with all grip types, and frees your swing for top performance 
  • NEW Hypertack premium perforated soft-tack grip: provides ultimate comfort and lux feel 
  • NEW Endogrid technology: built into the knob absorbs vibration before it reaches your bottom hand 
  • 2-5/8” barrel  
  • Approved for BBCOR  
  • 1-year limited warranty  
  • Model: L130K-FLR 



Shop 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid Flared BBCOR Baseball Bat at Headbanger Sports


Here at Headbanger Sports we understand that making the switch to an Axe bat can feel a little … uncomfortable, we hear it alot. It’s not the same as a traditional bat. But one thing to remember, MLB superstars are swinging the Axe. Mookie Betts, George Springer and Kris Bryant are just a select few who have all switched over to Axe bats and never regretted the change. Besides the fact more and more MLB players are turning towards swinging Axe, the Axe handle (yes, including the new flared knob!) promotes safety, faster swing speeds and more control. If you were hesitant before, fear no more as the new Flared knob is a perfect transition. There's no need for a transition period. No adjusting your grip. No restrictions. Just pick up the bat, grip it and go. This will be one of the greatest bats you have ever swung, period. 

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