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Glossary of Common Baseball Terms & Slang

Glossary of Common Baseball Terms & Slang

At-Bat – Counts only when a batter reaches any base via a fielder's choice, hit, or an error. Walks, sacrifices, and when the batter is Hit By a Pitch do not count as an at-bat.

Backstop – The fence behind Homeplate, usually features a baseboard that helps deflect balls thrown past Homeplate.

Base on Balls (BB) – A term for a walk.

Bases Loaded – Base runners occupy all bases. (1st, 2nd, 3rd base)

Battery - The pitcher and the catcher together. Sometimes referred to as the Batterymen.

Batting Average – Total number of hits by an individual divided by their total at-bats.

Bullpen – A separate designated area designed to give pitchers a place to warm up before entering the game.

Can of Corn – A simple fly ball that is easy to catch.

Caught Looking – Occurs when a batter doesn’t swing on strike 3.

Changeup – A slower pitch meant to throw off the batter. This pitch is thrown very similar to the fastball. 

Clean-Up Hitter – This is the 4th batter in your lineup. Typically this is your best hitter.

Curveball – A slower pitch that will move slightly as it travels toward the batter.

Double Play – A play where the defending team makes 2 outs in a single hit. 

Drop – The difference between the length of a bat and its weight.

Dugout – Designated location for teams to sit on the 1st and 3rd base sides.

Earned Run – A run that scores without a defensive error occurring.

Earned Run Average (ERA) – This is a percentage that represents the total of earned runs a pitcher allows per nine innings.

Fastball – This is the fastest pitch thrown by a pitcher. This pitch has little to no movement.

Fielder’s Choice – Occurs when the fielder has 2 or more choices on where to attempt an out. 

Force Out – A baserunner is forced off their base by another baserunner and the fielder successfully tags the next bag before the baserunner can reach the next base. 

Frozen Rope – A line-drive that is hit so hard it travels in a straight line with very little arc. 

Fungo - A lightweight bat that is easy to hit. This batt is designed for coaches and is not allowed in games. 

Gap – The two portions of the outfield where no outfielders are standing. 

Hit by Pitch (HBP) – A pitch that hits the batter. The batter gets the opportunity to advance to first.

Intentional Walk – Intentionally walking a hitter, so they don’t get the chance to bat. 

In the Hole – The hitter that is currently 2 batters away from their at-bat. This is the person directly after the on-deck batter. 

Left on Base (LOB) – This counts as any player that is left on base when all 3 outs have occurred. 

Mitt – A baseball glove without spaces for each finger. This is commonly found in first basemen or catcher gloves

On Deck – The next hitter that follows the current at-bat hitter in the batting lineup.

Pickle – A base runner caught in between bases. The opposing team will attempt to tag the runner out before they can safely reach a base.

Pop-Up – A short hit into the air that generally stays on the infield. 

Rally – When a team is gaining momentum in an inning. Occurs when they are able to string together multiple successful hits within the same inning. 

RBI - A baseball statistic that records the times a batter has made a play that allows a run to be scored.

Sacrifice - An intentional hit that allows the other baserunners to advance safely. The plater at-bat is usually thrown out at first base on a sacrifice play.

Slow Roller – A lightly hit ground ball.

Tee Ball – An entry-level league that involves players hitting off a stationary tee.

Wood Bats – Wood bats are required for professional players. They are typically made from Ash, Birch, or Maple wood.

Worm Burner - A pitch that is thrown into the dirt before crossing home plate. 

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