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Headbanger Sports - Reaction Time

Headbanger Sports - Reaction Time

One of the most important parts of successfully batting is increasing your reaction time at the plate. We have gathered a few of our favorite baseball reaction time drills to help improve your game and find success at the plate. With these exercises for reaction time, you will see an increase in reaction times, and your team will be batting with confidence in no time. 

Blind Reaction Drill

This reaction time drill requires batters to act quickly without seeing the ball released, allowing their body to get familiar with the movement of the fast swing with little time to adjust. It works by setting the batter up in the ready position with their eyes closed. Once the pitch is ready to be delivered, the pitcher yells “ball,” and the batter is allowed to open their eyes. This requires the batter to react in a split second with little to no time to track down the ball. The pitcher should change up the pitch, height of the throw, or the timing of the release to keep the batter on their toes. This drill teaches batters to react quickly without overthinking the pitch. 

Inside Reaction Drill

This drill requires quick movements and lets them track down ideal inside pitches without hesitation. The pitcher starts by throwing a few outside pitches to warm the batter up and follows it with an unannounced inside pitch. The batter is forced to get out in front of this pitch, and it is a great way to simulate an ideal game time moment. The hitter is forced to react and turn on the inside throw. While swinging, they should be reminded to focus on bat speed and driving the power behind the swing. 

Rewind Drill

This drill prompts batters to reload quickly and prepare for the next pitch in seconds. It should be stressed that proper mechanics are key to making this drill successful, as you don’t want batters getting sloppy and messing up their stance. In this drill, the pitcher will throw the batter a ball, and as soon as they make contact, they will reach for another ball and reload for another pitch. The batter needs to reset their stance and prepare for the next pitch in just a few seconds. This drill requires batters to be ready at a moment’s notice and gets you ready for the next pitch faster and faster, helping them work toward creating the perfect swing at a moment’s notice. 

Baseball reaction time is one of the most important components of the game and working on reaction time drills is a great way to advance you’re your game to new heights. If you are looking for the best bats, balls, and other accessories to help you become the best player possible, shop the collection here at Headbanger Sports. We have been providing athletes of all skill levels the gear they need to pass the competition. We pride ourselves on providing the best online shopping experience in the industry, and our customer support will be there to answer any questions you may have. Find the best gear with Headbanger Sports today!

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