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Headbanger Sports - Youth Baseball and Softball Fundraising

Headbanger Sports - Youth Baseball and Softball Fundraising

Fundraising for your youth baseball or softball team may seem like a difficult task, but Headbanger Sports is here with some great ideas for team fundraising to inspire your approach. Whether you are fundraising to help your team gain funds for new gear, matching jerseys, a special tournament, or to support their full schedule, these ideas for team fundraising will help your team enjoy the fundraising season this year.

Fundraise with Your Favorite Restaurants

One of the best ways to get your community involved in your fundraiser is to bring the event straight to their favorite restaurants. Many franchises offer incentives where a percentage of total sales for an afternoon will go towards a sports team, and customers have the opportunity to donate additional funds to support the cause if they desire. Remember, it is important to pick a day when the restaurant will be busy enough to make it worthwhile. If you pick a slow day, the funds gathered might not amount to much. Restaurants love to support the local community, and with your help promoting the event, they might even see an uptick in customers, helping them justify the fundraiser. Make sure to tell all your friends and family about the event to bring in extra guests! Support the business by gathering a small group of your team at the front door to welcome guests and let them know about the fundraiser. This helps give it the personal touch that can transform your event.  

Homerun Derby

Hosting an open home run derby is a great way to get your family and friends involved and help them enjoy the event as much as your team will. Asking for an entry donation for the chance to participate is a great way to make fundraising competitive while getting everyone involved. Give every participant 10 pitches to hit the most home runs they can and have your team field balls in the outfield. It is a great opportunity for family members to show off their skills and support their team. Players can also collect donations throughout the event, and concessions are a great way to raise additional funds. Make sure to make the event as welcoming as possible to attract the most amount of participants so your team can raise the funds they need for the season.

Coach Punishment Games

Fundraising should be fun, and what is better than getting back at your coach with a little bit of playful public embarrassment? Who wouldn’t love to see their coach dropped in a dunk tank or slapped in the face with a pie? We know we wouldn’t miss it for anything, and if you can convince your coach to participate, it makes for the perfect fundraiser. One of the best options is the notorious dunk tank. This will require a small rental fee, but with all the money raised from attempting to dunk your coach, it will be worth it. Dunk tanks often require a ball to be thrown at a small target triggering the platform the volunteer is sitting on to drop, placing them in the water, making it the perfect baseball and softball fundraiser idea. Even cheaper options like a pie toss make for great entertainment, and as long as your coach is willing to take one for the team, it makes for an unforgettable fundraiser. 

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