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Headbanger Sports - How to Wrap a Baseball Bat

Headbanger Sports - How to Wrap a Baseball Bat

We all have a bat we love, one that rarely lets us down in the game’s biggest moments. When your favorite bat starts to wear down and needs a second life, one of the best ways to save it is to give your bat a new wrap. Sometimes a new grip is just what you need to gain more control and improve in the batter’s box. Whatever your reason for needing a new grip, Headbanger Sports is here to help you learn how to tape a bat.

Choosing the Right Wrap for Your Bat

Installing new tape on your bat is fairly simple, and you may be surprised at just how many options there are. You can customize your grip with colored tape and choose from a selection of thin, medium, and thick-sized wraps. Some batters prefer a thin wrap that allows them to swing fast and act quickly on the ball. For others, a thicker wrap may make the bat feel more comfortable in their hands, allowing them to approach the plate with confidence. Once you have made your decision on your favorite design, it’s time to get started on regripping your bat. 

To begin, you will need to gather these items.

  • Your Bat
  • New Bat Grip Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Scissors

Time to get started!

  1. Start by taking off your old wrap. Towards the middle of the bat, there should be a spot you can begin unwrapping your bat. Remove as much residue from your old bat as possible to avoid unwanted bumps and crevasses in your new wrap.
  2. Unravel your new wrap and locate one of the precut ends.
  3. Peel off a small portion of the backing and place it as close to the knob as possible. The tapered end of the tape should face toward the barrel.
  4. Start wrapping the grip around the handle and try to remain as uniform as possible in your coverage. Continue wrapping until you have reached the end of your wrap. 
  5. Finish your bat’s grip off with a line of electrical tape at the top to seal your new grip to the bat and prevent it from unwinding later on. This will help complete your bat’s look, and if you want, you can add a finishing sticker to give your bat a more complete look.
Understanding how to tape your bat can add years of life to your favorite bat and can allow you to feel comfortable at the plate all season long. If you are interested in picking up new grip tape for your bat, find exactly what you are looking for with Headbanger Sports. We have the best selection of all the bats, balls, and accessories you need to take the field with confidence this season. Shop our collection today.

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