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Baseball Hitting Drills for More Power

Baseball Hitting Drills for More Power

Hitting is one of the most important parts of baseball, and every player, regardless of position, should be practicing hitting drills regularly. Whether you are just starting or an experienced baseball player looking to refine your skills, there are plenty of fun and effective hitting drills to add to your routine.

With a little practice and commitment, you'll be well on your way to becoming a more powerful and consistent hitter in no time!

3 fun baseball hitting drills to try at your next practice:

  • The Flamingo Drill

  • Strengthen your swing and take it to the next level with a winning drill - The Flamingo Drill!

    It's an easy yet powerful option to improve balance, bat control, and lower half rotation - three key components of a successful swing. You need a bat, ball, tee, and net to do this drill.

    Practicing with a Flamingo drill, you can learn how to make the club go where you want it to by feeling how your body moves during your swing.

    To start, put your back leg forward with your front leg raised at a 90-degree angle. From here, you will adjust your stride to the tee while loading your hands and beginning the swing.

    Lead with your lower half and explode through the ball to hit the baseball. For a right-handed person, your back shoulder should end up pointing toward the shortstop, and for a left-handed person, it should be pointing toward the second baseman.

    This baseball hitting drill is an effective way to kick off warm-up drills or cap off fine-tuning sessions in the batting cage - perfect for getting that winning edge!

  • Lower Body Coil
  • Unlock the blasts of bat speed and power you've been dreaming about with an effective launch position. Through a lower body coil drill that helps get your hips driving toward their ultimate destination - home run territory!

    The drill starts with the hitter getting into their stance. They must load weight onto their back leg from here, coiling their body like a spring. The hitter's back pocket must face the pitcher, and their belly button must point toward the catcher.

    From this position, take a normal stride while maintaining the tension, feeling your hips open up, and creating power by separating your hips and shoulders.

    This drill focuses on the lower-body coil to help you load your swing properly. This will create momentum in your swing for maximum drive and success at home plate.

  • Launch Angle Drill
  • The Launch Angle of a batted ball has long been an important measure in baseball stats: it represents the vertical angle at which the ball flies after being struck.

    The angle you hit the ball is key to how far the ball will travel and how high it will go. In this drill, players pay close attention to the angle of their swing. Your launch angle should be between 10-25 degrees. This will help you hit powerful line drives that will advance teammates and get you on base with ease. Anything outside this range will often result in ground balls or fly balls.

    A launch angle drill is used to help players improve the launch angle of their hits. The purpose of the drill is to help players hit the ball with more force and precision, leading to more effective hits and potentially more runs.

    With this drill, you can have someone record or simply watch your swing. You should look at the angle your bat is positioned when exploding through your swing and measure the release angle of the ball after contact. Take 10 recorded swings keeping the launch angle in mind. After completing 10 swings, watch the film to see how efficient your swing was. After watching this video adjust your swing appropriately to change the launch angle if needed. Being aware of your launch angle will help improve your swing and set you up for success on the plate. 

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