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3 Resistance Band Exercises To Strengthen Your Throwing Arm in Softball

3 Resistance Band Exercises To Strengthen Your Throwing Arm in Softball

Improving throwing velocity is essential for any softball player who is serious about the game and wants to reach their full potential. Softball players can throw harder with less pain if they take proper care of their shoulders and rotator cuff with regular exercises. Strengthening exercises can help players throw with increased control and velocity. Inside this blog, we will be covering 3 exercises that can be done to strengthen your throwing arm and improve performance. 

Arm Strengthening Exercises for Softball

Curve Pivot

  • Stand with your feet together, engage your core, and hold a resistance band in each hand while wrapping the band a couple of times short enough for this step.
  • Hold the ends of the resistance band underneath your chest with your elbows bent and pointing out.
  • Your left hand should be kept perfectly still, then pull your right hand out towards the right enabling the rotation to come from the shoulder and your elbow to rotate towards your waist. Keep a bent arm and concentrate on feeling your shoulder blades while doing the rotational work, do not move your left arm while gaining muscles on both sides of your body.
  • Afterward, return to your initial state and repeat all steps on the other side. 

Resistance Band Pull-Apart

  • Stand with your feet wide apart, engaging your core, and hold the resistance band in each hand. 
  • Raise your arms straight to the height of your chest with palms and your hands 6 inches apart. The band should contain a little amount of tension.
  • Pull the bands separately and extend the arms wide apart to each side while keeping them at the same height.
  • Then return your arms to the center.

Bow and Arrow 

  • Stand with your feet hip-width wide apart and your core engaged. In each hand, hold one end of the band.
  • Lift both hands to the height of your chest and extend your left arm to the left side, placing your right hand with your sternum. This is the starting position; slightly adjust the tension, so there's little or no pressure. 
  • Then pull your right hand to the right (distantly away from your left arm) as if drawing back an arrow in a bow. Keep your elbow pointed out and formal.
  • Return to the starting position. Do all your repetitions on one side and repeat all steps on the other.  

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