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3 DeMarini Baseball Bags Worth a Look (2 New for 2022!)

3 DeMarini Baseball Bags Worth a Look (2 New for 2022!)

DeMarini doesn’t just produce some of the most reputable baseball and softball equipment over the plate and in the field. It’s also a name you can trust with all aspects of your training. Case in point: DeMarini baseball bags represent innovation, quality, dependability, and most importantly, utility.

Just like you can turn to DeMarini to outfit you with new baseball and softball bats featuring innovative technological improvements, season after season, you can rely on the same name to provide you with reliable equipment bags that make it easier for you to take your gear to and from the field with ease, making your life easier in the process.

  1. 2022 DeMarini Spectre Wheeled Softball and Baseball Bag

DeMarini has always been a heavy hitter, with DeMarini baseball bags being some of the best in the game, and 2022 brought about a slew of updates to some of their core offerings.

The 2022 DeMarini Spectre Wheeled Softball and Baseball Bag is updated with a ton of new features while still providing that famous dependability for which the line is known.

The 2022 Spectre features 6 padded bat sleeves - plenty for carrying about several bats for practice and competitive play, whether you need to carry backups in reserve or prefer to practice with designated, heavier bats. The generous padding will keep your precious cargo safe.

The 2022 Spectre also features reinforced side walls, hard body construction, and internal sleeves with snap reinforcement. Protection, compartmentalization, and room are the name of the game with DeMarini, and this bag has plenty of space to keep your equipment protected and carefully organized.

It also features a variety of specialized compartments to make sure you have room for what’s important - and that it is properly stored and secured. The 2022 Spectre features a foil-lined thermal pocket for drinks and snacks - perfect for keeping a meal cool or hot, depending on what you need.

In addition, the new Roller Spectre contains a fleece-lined valuable pocket to keep your phone, keys, wallet and any other sensitive valuables safe and sound, whether in the locker room or in the dugout. It also features several zippered interior pockets along with a separate interior bag - plenty of room for keeping everything just where you need it - until you need it.

The 2022 Spectre doesn’t just keep all your gear safe and sound - it also makes it easy to store and transport. The new Spectre features J-hooks for storing the bag on a fence for those instances in which the fence is your only option for keeping your DeMarini baseball bag off of the ground. In addition to an integral carry handle, it also sports a set of smooth-rolling inline wheels and a telescoping handle for those long, internal straightaways - a big boon for players that will be flying around the country to compete in tournaments.

  1. 2022 DeMarini Spectre Baseball and Softball Backpack

The 2022 DeMarini Spectre Baseball and Softball Backpack is everything the 2022 DeMarini Roller Spectre Bag is, just on a smaller scale. Perfect for players who prefer lightweight nature and ergonomics over capacity without compromising too much space.

The 2022 Spectre Backpack, like the rolling equivalent, features generous space for baseball or softball bats - four padded sleeves for plenty of room. That’s still plenty of room for reserves.

Like the roller version, the backpack also has plenty of internal storage, including specialized pockets. It has an extra-large main compartment, an interior shelf with snap reinforcements, as well as a foil-lined thermal pocket for snacks and drinks and a fleece-lined pocket for valuables.

It’s also easy to carry - its padded shoulder straps and back panels make sure of that - and easy to store. Like the roller version, it also has J-hooks enabling you to hang the backpack on a fence when you need to keep it off of the ground.

  1. DeMarini Special Ops Front Line Wheeled Roller Bag

With so much respect due to DeMarini’s 2022 releases, it can be hard to lose sight of their previous offerings. Still, the Special Ops Front Line is a rolling DeMarini baseball bag that stills deserves the spotlight. It still offers plenty to love.

It features, among other things, an armored bat compartment with four individual padded sleeves, a separate, breathable shoe compartment, a variety of snap-reinforced interior shelves, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and six additional exterior pockets.

It also features hard-body construction for extra protection of your valuables and gear, has two fence clips and two bottom rails, as well as a telescoping pull handle with smooth rolling inline wheels.

It’s easy to transport, has tons of space, and in every way exhibits the quality you’ve come to expect from DeMarini baseball bags and equipment.

Do you still have any questions about any of these DeMarini baseball bags or the other gear bags on our website? Feel free to get in touch with us at 1-888-540-BATS or at We are happy to help!

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