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A Softball Backpack Feature Checklist

A Softball Backpack Feature Checklist

A softball backpack will make it much easier for you to get your gear to and from the field, the locker room, and anywhere else you need to take it. A good backpack can make your life easier and a low-quality bag can make your life more complicated than it needs to be.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create this short checklist of features you might want your softball backpack to have. We pulled many of them right from the backpacks that we currently feature in our online store, so you should be set when you shop with us, but if you have additional comments or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Construction from high-quality materials

Toughness is probably number one in importance in our list of “important features” for a gear backpack to have. Like the rest of your gear, it needs to be able to hang with hard use. The last thing you need is to find out that your gear bag is falling apart when you need it most. That makes construction from top-quality materials a non-negotiable aspect of quality as it concerns gear bags.

  • Versatility in carrying options

You don’t need to be able to carry your gear bag more than one way, but there’s a good reason that many gear bags and backpacks give you the flexibility to carry how you like. An integrated carry handle is a must, especially for short distances, but it can get tiring carrying things in your arms, which is why backpacks are so popular. They enable you to shift the load out of your arms and more evenly distribute the weight. Another nice feature to look for is padded shoulder straps. Some softball and baseball gear bags even have retractable handles and roller wheels that make transport so much easier.

  • Padded sleeves for more than one bat

A gear backpack needs to have space for your bats, but if we’re being honest, one sleeve is not enough. You might practice and play with different bats, and if you play with wood, you should probably carry back up.

Many of our softball backpacks have sleeves for up to four bats so you can be better prepared for practice and competitive play. They’re also padded to protect your equipment - another bonus.

  • A fence hook - you have to hang that softball backpack up somewhere!

Muddy fields and wet grass are not the ideal resting location for your gear backpack when you’re in a game or at practice in the field. Luckily, the best backpacks are designed with J-fence hooks to keep your gear and valuables out of the mud and water and within convenient and easy reach on a fence. It’s definitely a nice feature to have in a backpack and one which you will find on many of ours.

  • Lined pockets for valuables and other personal items

We get it - you carry more than gloves, bats, and cleats when you’re playing. You need somewhere to stash your valuables, especially when you’re actually out in the field. Many of our softball backpacks have dedicated fleece-lined valuables pockets that are ideal for storing your phone, keys, wallet, and any other sensitive items. They also help keep things organized.

  • A dedicated, molded glove storage space

Protecting your softball glove is almost as important as protecting your bat, and your backpack should have a dedicated space for it as well. Look for a gear backpack with a special, molded space for your glove that is not only spacious but will protect its form.

You can’t just drop your glove in any bag - it’s critical to keep it dry as well as to protect its form from pressure. A molded storage space will help protect your glove against a variety of factors and keep it safe.

  • Features or design that makes cleaning easier

We get it. There are times when you won’t be able to hang your backpack on a fence or lay it on a bench. Sometimes you’re going to need to lay your backpack on the field or on the ground. At least sometimes, it will get wet, muddy, or grassy, so it’s nice when a backpack has features that are easy to clean. Some of our gear packs have tarpaulin bottoms which are both water-resistant and easy to clean.

  • A cooler pocket for snacks is nice, too

Do you know what some gear bag manufacturers tend to forget? The fact that players get hungry and most of them pack their own snacks and meals. Specialized compartments are a bonus, and not just for gloves and valuables. Some of our gear backpacks contain special, designated cooler pockets that are perfect for keeping a snack like a sandwich cool and fresh.

  • Finally - don’t forget about style

One more thing that’s nice to have is the cool factor, especially if it doesn’t come at the cost of any other features. Our softball backpacks are available in a range of colors and styles, so you can suit your tastes as you like. Match your team colors or simply suit your personal sense of style - you can do either with the highlights in our collection.

Want to learn more about the value built into a well-engineered softball backpack? Check out our collection via the previous link, and if you have any questions at all about our gear, get in touch with us directly at 1-888-540-BATS. We’d be happy to help you pick out the ideal gear bag for your upcoming season.

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