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100% Sunglasses and the different models

100% Sunglasses and the different models

So you're in the market for new baseball or softball sunglasses to keep those eyes of yours nice and safe, but you have NO idea what to get! We can agree, there is a plethora of options available and shopping for sunglasses can be a tedious, overwhelming experience. Don’t fret, we are here to help! In Today’s write up we will talk about the company 100% and who they are, what styles of sunglasses we carry from them and some of the technological aspects of this brand's sunglasses.

The History of 100%:

Founded by Drew Lien in 1982, Drew wanted to create a pair of ‘stick-on heat shield’ goggles for Motocross and would sponsor some of the top Motocross Americana racers of the era including Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, David Bailey and Jeff Ward in order to get his name and brand out there. Today, the company now covers a large range of sports such as BMX, Motocross, Cycling, Running, and now Baseball/Softball. Growing since that initial product, 100% now carries a large variety of sunglasses such as the Hypercraft’s, S2, S3, and various Speedcraft styles that we carry here at Headbanger Sports including the all new Tatis Jr. Limited edition styles.

Different Styles

Let's admit it, style is one of the biggest factors when shopping for sunglasses. Everyone has a color, style and particular taste when it comes to a pair of sunglasses to wear on a regular basis. Luckily for you, Here at Headbanger Sports we carry over 30 different styles/ color options including the all new Tatis Jr. Limited edition styles. Alright, enough hype… lets break down the main styles that we carry (We will not be covering all styles that 100% makes as we are a baseball/softball company thus the sunglasses we carry from 100% are applicable to that sport).


Tatis Hypercraft sunglasses 

Above is the limited edition Tatis Hypercraft’s

Hypercraft's are designed to be extremely light, very flexible and will cover the full area of your face to protect your eyes from the harsh elements. Featuring UltraCarbon technology with a frameless design, the Hypercraft line is lighter, stronger and more dynamic than any other performance sunglasses on the market. 


  S2- Soft tactical Gray Camo, Red lens 

S2- Soft tactical Gray Camo, Red lens

The S2 line is a sleek, stylish design geared toward everyday wear. Full framed, Patented HiPER mirror lens, and a rounded, comfortable fit, you’ll never want to take these off. 


 100% S3 soft tactical white, red lens 

S3- Soft Tactical White, Red Lens

The S3 design is an elegant airing of two of 100%'s most iconic sunglasses, the S2 and the Speedcraft/ combining the S2 frame design and understated brow with the iconic Speedcraft’s definitive intake vents (located in the bottom middle of glasses near the bridge). With style and performance combined, whether you’re hitting dingers on the field or just normal daily wear, you’ll be prepared. 

Speedcraft/ SL/ XS: 

 Speedcraft SL- Tactical Black, Red lens

Speedcraft have 3 different styles. The original Speedcraft sunglasses are packed full of 100%'s technology including a flexible frame, venting to avoid fogging, as well as the  HiPER multilayered mirrored lens, these are the pinnacle of sports eyewear. Speedcraft SL (SL representing sleek) model is designed with a slightly shorter lens profile and a more compact nose bridge to fit those smaller faces more snuggly. Speedcraft XS model is packed with all the technology and style of the original’s but on a smaller scale. The Speedcraft XS are built for women and the youth that demand the same style and performance. 

Here at Headbanger Sports we strive to give our customers a diversity of products to fit everyone’s wants and needs! Our new line of 100% sunglasses including the exclusive Tatis line will fit everyone’s style whether it's for everyday wear or on the field, you’ll be ready and rocking in style. Shop for your pair of sunglasses today at Headbanger Sports!

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