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Bruce Bolt Gloves, Are They Worth The Price?

Bruce Bolt Gloves, Are They Worth The Price?

So, you're in the market for new batting gloves but can’t decide between getting a few cheap pairs of gloves or spending that extra buck to have a quality pair of gloves that will last you longer than the rest. Bruce Bolt batting gloves are one of the most popular name brands out there in baseball and softball, used by pro MLB players all over the world. We know what you're thinking, does the price justify the quality? Our answer is without a doubt, yes! In this writeup, we will break down the details of the Bruce Bolt batting gloves, quality of materials used and what separates them from the rest to make them some of the best batting gloves in the world. 


The History of Bruce Bolt Gloves: 

Bruce Bolt is a family owned and operated business based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2017 by Bear Mayer at only 16 years old, he wanted a better performing batting glove and needed money for his first truck named Jennifer, a 1993 Landcruiser. Bear named the company Bruce after his grandfather, who was an exceptional athlete and a great baseball player. The Bolt, well, Bear’s grandfather was actually struck by lightning not once but TWICE and still lived to tell the tale. Due to those two points, Bear figured the name Bruce Bolt encapsulated the spirit of their company - “A team that appreciates every day and every moment (because you never know when you're going to get struck by lightning, again) as an opportunity to compete and BE BETTER”.

Let’s break down the materials used and WHY Bruce Bolt chose to build out their gloves this way. 

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Quality leather and stitching: 

As shown in the image above, Bruce Bolt’s gloves use a type of leather called Cabretta Leather. Cabretta Leather is a very durable leather from the skins of hairy sheep (in comparison to wool sheep skin, yes, surprisingly there is a difference!). Usually derived from Africa and the Middle East, it is a light, incredibly soft leather, and is surprisingly breathable for all conditions of play. Whether it's a hot, humid day or a cold, rainy day, they will give you a comfort next to none. At almost a full millimeter in thickness (0.9mm) of this high quality leather, you can be confident in the durability and longevity of these gloves while not feeling like you have weights on your hands due to the lightness of this selectively chosen leather. This particularly chosen leather is also used in the majority of golfing gloves due to being extremely lightweight while maintaining the highest durability expected as well as being extremely breathable in all weather conditions.
As for the stitching, Bruce Bolt has chosen to use lycra as their thread of choice. If you’re not familiar, lycra is also known as spandex. Being very elastic and durable over time, it makes sense to use lycra as the material of choice for the stitching on such a quality built batting glove. This chosen material allows you to stretch the fingers and wrist in such a comfortable manner giving you maximum movement while still retaining the original size and form of the glove, almost as if they aren’t even there! The inverse threading was a chosen design so that when wearing the gloves, you aren’t noticing or bothered by the threads being inside the glove constantly rubbing against your fingers as well as reducing the exposure on your gloves and reducing the overall wear and tear. 

Sizing chart

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Padding placement and types of cuffs: 

Due to how most players will grip their bat as well as the common wear and tears of commonly used batting gloves, Bruce Bolt has chosen to add reinforced padding in specific places to ensure the longevity of their products. The reinforcement points are in three separate places, First being a Double-reinforcement on the palms. The palms tend to see the most friction in each swing. Doubling up on the leather and reinforcing this specific area gives these gloves the longevity they deserve while not burning holes in the palms after a few weeks of use like the competitors giving you comfort and confidence with every swing. Two other points of reinforcement are the heel and crotch ( as shown in the image above). Both regions see heavy friction and wear in common batting gloves so reinforcing these areas just makes sense if you want a pair of gloves that will last more than one full season. 

Bruce Bolt gloves offer 2 types of cuffs, short cuff and long cuff. The 360 degree style wrist wrap ensures your pair of gloves which both effectively help protect and support your wrist while also ensuring the gloves don’t slide above your wrists’ heels. Pairing the cuff style, material used, durability and breathability as well as reinforced padding in the “high wear” areas, what else is there?

Style and colorways:

Bruce Bolt gloves have a plethora of color options, styles and patterns to select from to match almost any theme your team has or what you are going for. Whether you’re going for the classic white with black look or something unique, Bruce Bolt Gloves will stand out front the rest.


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Alongside the wide selection of colorways and designs, as well as the long cuff and short cuff selections, Bruce Bolt gloves give you that classic look that stands out from the rest while providing you a comfortable feel. If the price scares you at all, take advantage of our On-Site Financing which is available on all Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves. 

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