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Wilson Baseball Gloves: Which One Should You Get?

Wilson Baseball Gloves: Which One Should You Get?

A common thought when it comes to baseball is that all you need is a bat, ball and glove and you can play. On a simple level, that’s true, but if you are playing organized baseball competitively, there are more things you need to take into consideration when choosing a baseball glove.

You certainly want to find a brand that can offer a variety of sizes and that just feels comfortable overall. Wilson Baseball Gloves rank among the best in baseball with clean design and a variety of styles and colors. Let’s review a few of the other guidelines for selecting the right baseball glove and the differences in the styles.

One That Fits - The glove you choose should not be too tight. It should have enough room that you can wear a batting glove too. Wearing a batting glove while wearing your glove actually acts as a protective barrier from dirt and oils from your hands that can cause the leather to deteriorate over time. Make sure you can adjust the glove to an appropriate size and comfort for a snug fit.

One Built to Last - When you shop for baseball gloves, make sure you are getting something that is built to last and made with 100 percent genuine leather. Wilson Baseball Gloves are made and branded as genuine leather gloves. Any glove that you see that is labeled indicating that there are non-leather parts or specially-treated leather will not be as durable. You also want to watch for plastic gloves. These gloves will not break in the same way as a genuine leather glove and oils and glove treatment kits will not have any effect on them.

One for the Right Position - In baseball, there are many different positions that require specific gloves. Even if there is not a specific glove for the position you play, there can be preferences for the right sizing to feel your most comfortable. Here is a list of some of the positions gloves are specifically made.

- First Baseman Gloves - A first baseman can be involved in almost every play. A ground ball to any infield position can lead to a throw to first base and there are several other plays that can involve the first baseman such as pickoff plays. The first baseman’s glove is designed to more easily receive throws from any position on the field, so it is made to have a larger pocket.

- Catcher’s Mitt - The catcher position is physically demanding. You always run the risk of injury for a variety of reasons. As players grow physically, they are able to put more strength behind pitches. A catcher’s mitt is extra padded to offer more protection to a catcher’s hand. Just like a first baseman’s glove, a catcher’s mitt has a unique design that features a rounded shape and oval pocket that acts as a basket for the ball.

- Infielders Gloves - At the other infield positions outside of first base, players can use a glove that feels most comfortable to them. A good infield glove will have a deep pocket and strong webbing and can range in size depending on the player’s preference and even on the position played. Second basemen may use a glove that is between 11 and 11 ½ inches long. A shortstop will use something slightly larger. Third basemen will use a much larger glove, as big as 12 ⅕ inches since they will have hard ground balls, line drives, and foul balls hit their way.

- Outfielders Gloves - Many outfielder gloves are also larger in size because they need to be able to field the ball and release it quickly. Most outfielders use gloves that are 12 inches and over as a result. Again, the size, length and web design of the glove depending on the player’s preference.

What if you play multiple positions? This is common for amateur players, especially kids, who may cycle throughout the field during a game. Aside from catcher and first base, which use very specific gloves, you want to choose a glove that can accommodate all positions in the field. Some gloves are labeled as multi-purpose for infield and outfield and this is probably the best choice for you if you don’t know which position you will play.

For a great selection of Wilson Baseball Gloves and more, head over to HB Sports and find one that fits your needs perfectly. At HB Sports, the first priority is quality customer service to help you find exactly what you need to feel most comfortable in the field as you play the game. With the help of our team that provides one-on-one customer service, you will find the right glove for you. Head over to HB Sports and get the equipment and gear you need to improve your game.

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