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Why Your Children Should Wear Youth Batting Gloves

Why Your Children Should Wear Youth Batting Gloves

Going all the way back to the late forties, early fifties, baseball players have slipped on gloves to help them hold onto the baseball bat. Of course, this was a different time, before gloves made exclusively for batting were created and all that was available to players were golf gloves. Not quite the same. Fast forward to the present day and almost all baseball players insist on wearing batting gloves to play in a game or even just to practice. Everyone saw how beneficial it was to wear proper gloves during a game, and companies came through to meet that need. Because of professional players addressing their needs, we now have the great selection of batting gloves there is today.

Batting gloves were made to address a genuine concern of players and, because of that, have become a mainstay in baseball gear. Young or old, we all benefit from a good pair of batting gloves. Children certainly benefit as they learn to play and appreciate the game. Your children deserve nothing less than the best youth batting gloves to help keep them safe and playing their best games.

Performance & Grip

We see the pros consistently wearing batting gloves, but why exactly? What do they have to gain from adding another piece of gear to their baseball bags? A major reason for this common practice is because of the help it offers in their performance in the game. Batting gloves help players to get a better grip on the bat and have more control over each and every swing. This is extra helpful for humid days under the hot sun or right after rainfall while there is still moisture in the air. It also reigns true for those who have sweaty palms all year round. Young players do not want the bat to slip this way or that mid-swing, just as they are still learning the right swings. If it's what the pros do, then you know it makes a difference in the game. Give your children their own youth batting gloves for games and practice, and see if they notice an improvement in their swings. As we know, the faster kids pick up on a skill or sport, the happier they are to keep trying and improve even more. That’s what it’s all about right? Letting your kids have fun.

Protection & Safety

This is a benefit for the parents as well as the children. As tough as a professional baseball player's hands might be from years of practice, they still develop blisters and they still get hurt. Keep in mind that batting gloves weren't made for those new to the game, but for those who knew what they were doing and played regularly. Their hands would get sore from wielding the bat so tightly and so frequently that they needed something to help. Any athlete would tell you that one of the most important things to learn when getting into sports is how to take care of your body. Physical activity and a strong will to push your limits can put quite the strain on your body. You only have the one and it would be awful to have serious, lasting damage from not being careful enough.

Batting gloves don't just protect your hands from blisters though. They protect your hands from the cold, which can be killer on the joints of the fingers as the vibrations of a hit-run through the bat to your cold, stiff hands. Parents need to be diligent about things like this because children often ignore signs of concern in their bodies or try to push past them because they do not know better and just want to see improvement. You have to be the one to hand them a well-fitted pair of youth batting gloves and make sure they respect their bodies as the little athletes they are. It might not be as exciting a reason as playing better like a professional, but safety is still something your child should understand.

The benefits all add up to make it crystal clear. When you are getting all of your child's baseball gear, equipment, and uniforms, do not forget to grab a pair of youth batting gloves in the right size for your child's hands. Although it is not a baseball bat or cap, it is just as important in preparing your child to play ball. Youth batting gloves along with all the other protective gear they have to wear, also serves as an excellent reminder to a child that safety and protecting your body is extremely important. At HB Sports, we keep a wide selection of youth batting gloves in different sizes and colors to get your child ready for a game. Even if it comes down to finding gloves in your child's favorite color, we are happy to keep your child geared up and ready to play smart.

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