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What to Weigh in Fastpitch Softball Bats Besides Weight

What to Weigh in Fastpitch Softball Bats Besides Weight

It’s important to keep in mind that not all fastpitch softball bats are created equal. Actually, it’s important to keep in mind that most fastpitch bats are specifically not created equal. That’s because every bat has different features to make it attractive or suitable to a specific player.

Here are some things to weigh in the decision to purchase a fastpitch bat besides weight, but we’ll start with the obvious, which is the weight.


Weight is straightforward and it is one of the biggest impactors of a bat’s performance. Measured in ounces, you will see fastpitch softball bats listed on our website from as light as 15 ounces to as heavy as 26 ounces, and there is a wide gulf between these two weights and how they will handle. The length goes into the balance and handling of a bat, which we will discuss below.

However, weight is largely implicated in how much energy a bat will carry, and thus on how far a given bat will be able to hit a ball, so pay close attention to this when selecting a bat.


Weight will impact how a bat loads, but length is a larger factor to consider, in some ways, because it affects balance and weight drop. That is to say, two bats of the same weight will feel as though they weigh differently based on their lengths.

This matters because length will affect how much bat you can handle. To ensure that a bat fits you, you should be able to place the knob at the base of your arm and reach to the end of the barrel. In addition, you should be able to hold the bat from an outstretched arm for close to a minute without excessive fatigue to ensure that not only weight but length are fitting to you.

Weight Drop

Weight drop is the difference between a bats length in inches as compared to its weight in ounces. Therefore, weight drop is a type of length to weight ratio. A bat with a lower weight drop will feel heavier and a bat with a higher weight drop will feel lighter and more responsive in the hand.

Leagues have restrictions on weight drop, but besides that, you should know that it will also affect your abilities. Precision hitters will end up preferring bats with a high weight drop because these bats are more nimble and offer a more balanced swing weight, whereas hard hitters tend to prefer bats with a lower weight drop because they enable a batter to load the bat more efficiently through the swing.


Material and construction will also have significant impacts on the performance of a bat, and most bats that you will see today are either made from aluminum or from composite materials.

Aluminum is relatively affordable to produce, can be created to offer a lot of compression through the sweet spot, and is basically indestructible. Composite softball bats are more expensive to produce and require more engineering, but they also can be designed to offer amazing compression, stiffness, and responsiveness.

Proprietary Features

In addition to these above considerations, you should pay attention to any unique proprietary features that a given bat can offer you. For example, bats like the 2020 Model Easton Ghost Double Barrel come with features like CONNEXION Technology to eliminate negative feedback and a soft outer barrel that requires no break-in period on behalf of the player.

Other models like the Louisville Slugger Xeno X20 (-10) come with ISTTM Technology that provides a stiffer connection as well as a very solid feeling on contact. It also comes with an FP Grip for superior comfort and control as well as an Ultra Lightweight X-CapTM that improves the performance of the bat, and among other things, control.

These are only a very few of the proprietary features that you can find in the softball bats we offer here; check our product listings to learn more.

League Approval

One final thing to consider when searching for a fastpitch softball bat is whether or not it is approved for the league you play in. You can see that listed on most product pages, but if you have any questions you can always call us.

Choosing the right fastpitch softball bats can make a big impact on your performance as a player. Naturally, this goes beyond what bats are approved for what leagues and extends into the features listed above. These will all impact the handling of the bat, its balance, its compression and the size of its sweet spot, its durability, and much more.

The only way to really get familiar with a fastpitch bat that will work for you is to handle it, practice it, and play with it. Check out some of the fastpitch bats on our website, be sure to visit our collection of slowpitch bats and baseball bats, as well as gloves and other gear while you’re here.

As mentioned, practice makes better, but if you do have any questions, give our team a call at 1-888-540-BATS and we would be glad to extend our experience to you.

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