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What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?


We get this question a lot lately, what exactly is a Baseball Sliding Mitt? Parents see kids with them in their back pocket while hitting in games and professional players using them on TV.

Simple answer, it's a protective glove for baserunners... also known as the Oven Mitt by ball players on the field.  While old school players would clinch their batting gloves or dirt in their hands to ensure they didn't extend their fingers while sliding into bases, players don't have to do this anymore. 

Most Mitts offer a mix of Combined Plastics for Durability; Compression Straps for Wrist Support (Necessity for Head First Slides), Velcro Straps for Tightness, and Thumb Holes for Comfort and Control

The EvoShield Sliding Mitt has simply turned into our favorite mitt due to its strength, protection, and usability. EvoShield has made it quite simple to slide the glove on after reaching base, and it fits right in the rear pocket of your baseball pants so you can take it with you during your at bat.  It's protection includes upper and lower plates that extend past your fingers to ensure you're not jamming your fingers into the base. 


Why Use The Baseball Sliding Mitt? 

Why Use a Baseball Sliding Mitt?


The best answer to this is safety.  For position players keeping their hands healthy is extremely important.  If we can't stay healthy, we can't play in games.  If a player is stealing second base, they may jam their finger while sliding into second base.  The Sliding Mitt keeps your fingers secure and safe while you focus on staying safe and increasing your stolen base percentage and runs scored!


EvoShield Sliding Mitt 

The EvoShield Sliding Mitt is designed to protect you on the basepaths as you rack up those stolen bases. Featuring protective plates on the top and underside of your hand, a protective stabilization strip on both sides of your wrist, and elastic compression straps to keep the mitt in place, this mitt will help keep your lead hand safe from those game-changing slides.
  • Protective Shields: Cover the top and underside of the hand to protect fingers when sliding
  • Elastic Compression Strap: Secures and supports wrist, adjustable for quick on and off
  • Thumb Hole: For the ability to keep your thumb out, or tuck it in
  • Hand: Choose LH for left hand and RH for right hand


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