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Turf Shoe Care: Keep Your Kicks Kickin’

Turf Shoe Care: Keep Your Kicks Kickin’

You know you need to take care of your baseball glove and your baseball bat if you want them to keep performing season after season - why wouldn’t you observe the best guidelines when caring for your baseball turf shoes?

You pay good money for your turf shoes, and you need them to provide you with traction, comfort and support even in slippery conditions. If you want them to hold up for more than a season, it’s best to observe some best practices for shoe care, including the following.

The Importance of Regular Turf Shoe Maintenance
Most turf shoes are made with synthetic or leather uppers, a soft, cushioned insole and midsole, and a flexible outer sole that delivers excellent traction.

Caring for your turf shoes will prevent the outsole from breaking down, prevent the insole and midsole from becoming too compressed, and shield the uppers from shrinking or becoming brittle and cracking.

In short, it will preserve the lifespan of your turf shoes. Here’s what you need to know.

Remove the Laces and Insole
After you play a game or finish practice, remove the laces and the insole, if possible. These can be washed separately by hand with warm soap and water and placed to the side to be allowed to air dry slowly in a warm (but not hot) location.

Brush Dirt Out of the Treads
Once you finish at practice or a game, the first thing you should even do after stepping out of your turf shoes - and before bagging them - is to remove the dirt from the treads.

Take off your shoes and gently clap the soles together or against the ground. This will dislodge most dirt and mud that has managed to become stuck in the treads.

Still, if any doesn’t come loose, you should remove as much of possible before bagging your shoes and leaving.

Pro Tip: Bring Along a Brush, Towel, or Putty Knife
Just to be prepared, keep a towel and a brush or a putty knife in your baseball bag - you can use it to coax out any bits of dirt or mud that remain behind before you pack up your shoes to bring them home.

Hand Wash with Warm Water and Soap
Then, using warm (again not hot) water and a mild soap or detergent, gently wash off the exterior of your turf shoes. Never immerse your shoes completely in water - only use a damp rag.

Remove Scuff Marks
If you have any turf marks or scuffs on your turf shoes, now is the time to remove them. Most turf makes and scuffs will come out easily with warm water and a soft rag - but for more stubborn marks, try using a suede eraser or even a pencil eraser.

Never Store Them Wet, but Air Dry Them Slowly
After you’ve cleaned your turf shoes and removed all scuffs from the uppers, place them to the side to dry along with the laces and insoles. Keep them somewhere indoors, away from directly sunlight, in a warm but not high location, preferably with good ventilation.

You need to make sure that your shoes don’t dry out too quickly because if they have leather uppers the leather will shrink and become more brittle. Do this too many times and the leather will crack.

One tip we can offer is stuffing your shoes with dry newspapers if you want them to dry more quickly. This will remove moisture without stressing the uppers.

Additional Tips
While the above suggestions are all you will likely need to keep your shoes clean, we have a few more tips and good observations to offer.

●Don’t step on the back of the shoe or crush it by sticking your foot into it

Never stuff your foot into your turf shoes or step on the back to take them off. This will stress the upper and deform it over time.

Store them in a breathable bag

There’s a reason the slots for turf shoes and cleats on gear bags are well ventilated. It lets the shoes breathe and prevents humid air from stagnating. Obviously, this helps prevent odors from setting in, but more importantly it protects your shoes from mold and other moisture related damage.

Break them in before playing

You don’t want to start a game in a fresh pair of turf shoes. That’s going to be an uncomfortable experience no matter how you look at it. Do yourself a favor and break in your shoes before you play.

turf shoes

Never put your shoes in the washer or dryer

No matter how dirty your turf shoes get, never put them in the washer or dryer. The stress and heat of the washer will damage both the uppers and soles and can cause them to separate. The dryer is even worse. It will dry out the uppers and can cause them to shrink. It can also cause both the uppers and soles to crack.

Pick Up a New Pair of Turf Shoes Today
Another piece of advice we can offer is to keep a spare pair of turf shoes on hand. That way, you can rotate between pairs so each one gets a rest between games.

If you’re looking for a new pair of turf shoes or baseball cleats, we carry plenty of options. Check them out via the previous link and get in touch with us at 888-540-BATS if you need help or would like a personalized recommendation.

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