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Try New Balance Molded Cleats If You Haven’t Yet

Try New Balance Molded Cleats If You Haven’t Yet

Today’s modern athletes - both young and old - have infinitely more selection in gear, apparel, equipment and footwear than their predecessors ever dreamed of having. To put it in perspective, those predecessors probably had more selection than their own predecessors.

This vast selection of products, each with their own selling points, makes selection and trial a real chore, but the diversity in products also means that with a little extra digging, players can find equipment that really makes the grade.

As far as footwear is concerned, New Balance molded cleats set the bar for baseball cleats. Currently available on our website in a variety of colors, these molded cleats are engineered for comfort, traction, and overall performance.

Let’s build these cleats out from the ground up. They feature a molded rubber bottom and sole that provide excellent traction on the field in a variety of conditions. Perfectly engineered for the proper level of “bite” on the grass without compromising on a player’s ability to respond quickly, these cleats provide excellent traction and stability that must be experienced to be believed.

The molded rubber construction produces a sole and components that are tougher, more durable, and more flexible than alternative methods, and can be achieved both cost-effectively and with less waste - passing along the performance to players.

These New Balance molded cleats also feature a lightweight EVA midsole that provides next-level comfort and support. Ethylene-vinyl acetate, better known as EVA, is a light, highly shock-absorbent elastic polymer that is remarkable for providing several marked benefits.

Since EVA is a highly absorbent polymer, it is excellent at absorbing shock and redistributing forces along the contours of the foot. This helps prevent hot spots and strain and makes the shoes much more comfortable overall, especially through long, grueling hours in the field making strenuous plays.

These New Balance molded cleats, regardless of your color of choice, are made with synthetic nubuck uppers that are strategically perforated. The synthetic nubuck material is both lightweight and very strong, remaining flexible enough to move with a player during the hottest plays of an inning.

By strategic perforations, what we mean is that the shoes are vented to keep the wearing cool, dry, and comfortable. In some shoes, waterproofing is an asset, but in a pair of cleats, the ability to breathe and release sweat is much more valuable. You can work up a sweat in these cleats, and they’ll breathe and keep you comfortable throughout practice or a game.

These shoes are also designed to provide more than just good looks. These cleats specifically feature a purposely designed lace cage for players to tuck their laces in to keep them out of the way. You need a good fit in a pair of cleats, to be sure, but laces get in the way and prevent a tripping hazard, especially with a pair of cleats. These shoes can help cross that concern off the list.

Finally, as is customary for New Balance footwear, they leave nothing on the table as far as design is concerned. Sleek lines and contemporary style dominate these cleats and much of New Balance’s other performance athletic footwear. Pair that up with the fact that you can get them in almost any color you desire and you have a pair of cleats you’ll need to try out at least once.

On the Importance of Proper Footwear

Whether you decide to give these New Balance molded cleats a shot this season (or next season) is up to you, but the importance of quality, comfortable footwear cannot be understated. Much like a player’s sunglasses or batting helmet, performance is at the heart of design, and not fashion.

This makes it imperative to be highly selective about the pair of cleats that you choose for practice or play. They should fit you comfortably and support you with almost no hot spots. A little bit of break-in is acceptable, but remember that no amount of practice will make an inherently uncomfortable pair of shoes comfortable - nor will it make them fit properly.

Shoes should also provide you with excellent traction. Understandably, not all players may be permitted to use cleats, but this doesn’t eliminate traction as a concern. If you choose instead to play with turf shoes - whether through personal choice or league requirements - be sure that your shoes are comfortable, supportive, and that the soles feature a practical tread pattern.

Also, it’s valuable in most scenarios for a pair of cleats or turf shoes to be properly vented. You’re going to work up a sweat on the field and you need to stay cool, dry, and comfortable, or else you run the risk of developing blisters.

Contact Us with Questions

While these New Balance cleats are certainly some of the best highlights from our collection of footwear, they are not the only shoes we offer here at HB Sports. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-540-BATS if you have any questions about these or our other products, and remember - we offer free shipping and free returns on unused products!

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