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Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Bats for Cold Weather

Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Bats for Cold Weather

It's that time of the year again! Winter is here and so is the cold weather. With the cold, comes broken bats! But fear not fellow Headbangers, we have created a list of our top 5 Fastpitch Softball Bats that hold up best in the cold weather. So grab your jackets, boots, get yourself a new bat from Headbanger Sports and keep playing all year around!

Before we introduce our top 5 list, let's get technical for a second... Let’s talk about why the cold weather has such a detrimental impact on the materials of a Softball Bat. There’s two factors here that need to be accounted for, first being that the softball actually gets harder in the cold weather. This is due to the exterior shell of the ball tightening up and hardening with the colder temperature as well as the internal core of the ball becoming more dense (especially those that have compacted cores). The second being that composite and alloy materials become more rigid (composite much more so than alloy). Composite material is a lot like carbon fiber, essentially it's a reinforced carbon fiber polymer that is strong but very brittle. Composite material bats don’t do as well in cold because the composite material doesn’t expand or contract with the temperature fluctuation. So the combination of a harder ball and a more brittle bat equals an expensive bat with a high possibility of “Shark toothing” (fractures in the composite where it will lift up) or breaking on impact. With Alloy, you’ll have more denting and cracking but will provide a little more durability than composites do. But fear not, with the below list, you’ll have some more confidence with your swing in colder weather. 


Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather


2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 (-9) and (-10)

Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 Fastpitch Bat helps you bring an elite level of focus, discipline, and power with you to the plate. Crafted with an innovative three-step inner barrel, this bat perfectly balances swing speed and massive pop. Also, the 2023 Mantra features our thinnest outer barrel yet, creating an unmatched trampoline on contact. The fully reconstructed F2 collar assembly creates the perfect harmony between flex and stiffness, and the ultra-light end cap makes it easy for any hitter to whip this bat through the zone.

To top it all off, the Mantra's knob is fitted with a concave opening compatible with a Blast Motion sensor, meaning you can get data on every swing whether you're in a game or practice.

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 Fastpitch Bat is Approved for play in ISA, ISF, NSA, and USSSA Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT (-10) and (-11)

Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather

The 2022 LXT Fastpitch Bat from Louisville Slugger features a Single-Disc Speed Composite Barrel re-engineered to deliver a larger, more responsive sweet spot. This bat has long been a favorite of elite players of all ages. The VCX2 Connection System permits more movement between the barrel and handle, reducing vibration and improving feel on contact. The rigorously play-tested COPA Performance End Cap and LS Pro Comfort™ Grip round out one of the most popular fastpitch bats of all-time. 

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bat features the standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter and is legal for play in USA Softball, WSBC, ISA, NSA, and USSSA Leagues and Tournaments. 


Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather


The 2023 Marucci Echo DMND Alloy (-12)

Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather

The Marucci Echo DMND Alloy is an alloy one-piece for the next generation of athletes who are focused on commanding the DMND. With Ring-free barrel technology and an anti-vibration liquid-gel knob providing greater performance, better feel, and less negative vibrational feedback, You’ll be ready for the cold weather with confidence in your swing.
Coming in at only $119.99 with some of the newest tech Marucci has in barrel construction as well as the anti-vibration liquid-gel knob, you’ll have a durable alloy bat that provides power with lots of vibration reduction technology all at just over $100…. You can’t beat it!

The Marucci Echo DMND Alloy Fastpitch Bat is legal for play in USSA, USA Softball, ISA, NSA, and WBSC Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments. 

The 2022 Axe Element (-12)

Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather

The 2022 Axe Element Alloy Fastpitch Softball bat is an exceptionally good alloy bat, if you can overcome the unique handle. The handle promotes a healthy swing, faster bat speeds overall as well as insanely high durability of their bats. Speaking of durability, the 2022 Axe Element uses Axe’s Premium MX8™ Alloy barrel technology which comes hot out of the wrapper and remains strong and durable for the lifetime of your bat. Alongside that, The Axe Element has what's called Endogrid™ technology built into the Axe Handle. The Endogrid technology absorbs vibration before it reaches your bottom hand for a smoother, more comfortable swing with less sting, perfect for cold weather all at a price of $139.99! The 2022 Axe Element is Approved by USA Softball (ASA), USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, NCAA, and NFHS. 

The 2022 StringKing Metal Pro (-10) and (-11)

Top 5 Fastpitch bats for cold weather

The 2022 StringKing Metal Pro is a cheap, durable, all around good alloy fastpitch bat. No advanced tech or shock absorption, just high quality materials, a solid build creating an insanely durable alloy fastpitch bat. Certified and approved for use in fastpitch softball by USSSA, USA Softball, ISA, NSA, and WBSC, the 2022 StringKing Metal Pro sells for $129.99 and is offered in sizes (-10) and (-11). 


If you're in the market for a good, durable Fastpitch Softball Bat for the colder weather that won't break on the first swing, look no further! Find all of your Fastpitch Softball needs at

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