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The Purpose of Baseball Batting Gloves

The Purpose of Baseball Batting Gloves

From youth baseball leagues to the Major Leagues, we see players wearing batting gloves. Of course, there are also professional players that choose to not use batting gloves, and images of baseball legends from yesteryear like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig or Ted Williams are not wearing batting gloves. This brings about the question: what is the purpose of baseball batting gloves?

Just like when selecting a baseball bat, comfort is important. When you choose a bat, you have to factor in the length and weight that you can handle and swing smoothly. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, you are not going to get the results you want and make the improvements you are trying to make at the plate. You don’t gain success in baseball from equipment alone. Having the right equipment for your style of play or your size can make all the difference.

The history of batting gloves goes back to the late 1940s when Giants player Bobby Thomson used batting gloves during Spring Training. The goal was to get a better grip on the bat so that there was more control in the swing. Even Ted Williams started to try batting gloves during batting practice in the 1953 season after his manager noticed blisters on his hands.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when players started to use batting gloves in game action and this didn’t become common practice as an accessory for baseball players until the 1980s. Today, it is a choice among players. Many wear batting gloves on a regular basis while others choose to go without. The reasons for using baseball batting gloves are always relatively similar.

The two primary purposes for batting gloves are grip and protection. Batting gloves can provide more grip when holding the bat. There are some brands that have a sticky exterior to the palms, allowing for better control in positioning the bat. This also works well for hitters who may be dealing with poor weather conditions where your hands can get wet and slippery and provide more grip.

Swinging a bat and making contact can also do a lot of damage to your hands. You can get blisters based on the way you hold the bat or get cuts and tears on your skin if your grip is too tight or from the vibration of the bat in your hands when you make contact.

There is some discussion about the use of batting gloves because aluminum bats already come with a grip. Do you really need to wear gloves for protection? It all depends on the comfort of the player. If you feel like the grip that is already on the bat is enough protection for you, then go ahead and skip the batting gloves. But if you have soft hands that get damaged easily or are using a bat that doesn’t have a great grip or no grip at all, batting gloves can be that protective barrier for your hands that keeps them protected and also adds to the grip you can get on the bat.

This is especially important for kids. Youth players should have their hands protected from potential damage, especially when you consider the vibration that can come from the bat making contact with the ball. If you want your child to develop properly as a hitter, they need to be able to constantly take swings and practice and play in games. You don’t want your kids to have to take time away from practicing to allow their hands to recover.

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