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Technological Advances in Baseball

Technological Advances in Baseball

Since the beginning of America’s pastime, technology in baseball has advanced tremendously. The game is always changing, and today it has come a long way since its humble beginnings. New technology in the game continues to advance, and the future of baseball is sure to change even more. Here are a few ways the game has changed the most.

Pitch Analysis

Before cameras were commonly used to review pitches, it was common for a pitcher to throw an average of an 85 mph fastball. Today thanks to technological advancements, this number is closer to 90 mph. With the ability to analyze every movement, the pitch has been improved, and players are throwing faster than ever. As the game advances, players will continue to improve with the help of pitch analysis.

High-Tech Batting Cages

Batting cages are almost as old as the sport itself, but the technology surrounding the batting cage is changing as fast as the sport itself. Today, every motion can be captured and analyzed so players can maximize movement and track balls with even more accuracy using cameras and other sensors. This convenience of being able to set up cages almost anywhere allows players to practice their swing wherever they are.

Increased Safety

While baseball is not a contact sport, it does present itself to be dangerous from time to time. A fastball traveling over 90 miles an hour can seriously injure players, and the safety of those on the field is often considered when improvements to gear are made. The balance of safety and performance is key as players always want to be able to move at a moment’s notice while remaining protected from unseen projectiles. Technology in baseball has advanced in things like padding for catchers and better helmets for batters, and today manufacturers are finding ways to make every position on the field safer.

Data Collection

Data is collected from every aspect of the game. It not only helps players and teams improve, but it provides a more immersive experience for the fan. Technology like Statcast captures compelling statistics, and it is used in every major league stadium today. Data collection tools like this do not interfere with game time plays, making it easier than ever to track players in a non-disruptive format.

VR Experiences

Players use baseball virtual reality tools today to improve reaction times and practice game-like scenarios in an environment that requires their full focus. VR baseball training tools can increase the effectiveness of practice and challenge players to apply their skills in a game-like environment. It can help players discover why they are late on their swings, help them get experience tracking down tough pitches and a number of other useful insights unavailable anywhere else.

Technology in baseball equipment is always changing to make the game more competitive, safer, and more enjoyable to watch. It is hard to predict what the future of baseball will look like, but we know the love for the sport will only continue to grow. 

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