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Selecting a Softball Bag

Selecting a Softball Bag

Softball players might not give their first thought to the softball bags they use to carry their gear to games, to the locker room, or to and from the practice field. The bag they use to carry their gear might not even get the second or the third thought. After all, there are bats, fielding gloves, spare softballs, turf shoes and cleats, and much more in between the top priority and a gear bag.

This is fairly interesting, because, even though the “lowly” gear bag might not take a top priority, it sure is a piece of equipment without which a player’s life would not be as comfortable.

Naturally, we’re not saying that you should think more about your gear bag than about the bat you practice with, the glove you field with, or even what type of shoes you choose to play in. These are much more central to your performance.

Regardless, for the sake of vindication, we figured we’d offer up a little insight into the things you may want to think about before purchasing a softball bag. You deserve the best one you can get, and getting the best requires thinking it over for at least a moment or two.

Think about these things before you settle on your next piece of gear if that gear happens to be a bag for carrying the rest of your gear.

Softball Bags: Are They Worth It?

Before going any further, you might be thinking about whether or not a softball bag is worth it in the first place. Some of you might just be thinking, “I’ll just take my stuff with me in a gym bag or a duffle bag. I don’t need a specialized bag.”

That sentiment is fine, and if it works for you, it works. That’s all there is to it. However, there is a legitimate argument to be made for the value of a specialized gear bag, particularly if you are concerned about giving top-tier cushioning and protection to your favorite equipment.

That, actually, is what makes most softball and baseball bags so valuable. They have a special design that makes it easier to carry around all of the essentials for the sport, including carefully designed pockets to help gear like shoes, bats, and more.

Therefore, if you’re here to find the right one, here’s what you need to ask yourself.

How Much Space Do You Need?

The most important thing you can probably ask is how much space you need, especially if you were using a gym bag or another duffle bag and decided you needed something else because you were running out of room. So, how much size do you need?

Do you carry two or three bats with you when you travel? Some players who use wooden bats bring more than one because they are prone to breaking due to mishits. It’s not that big of a concern for players who use composite and alloy bats. You probably only bring along one pair of shoes, right?

You’ll also need room for your uniform, perhaps several changes of clothes, a hat, maybe sunglasses, and much more. Do you carry along your own snacks, drinks, and supplements? These take up room, too.

Your team will probably furnish extra softballs, but what about for practice or for keeping your glove’s shape? Speaking of your glove, you’ll want to provide that with some of the best protection of all, won’t you? That leaves you needing space for at least your bat, shoes, uniform, and gloves. If you wear batting gloves, you’ll need space for these, too.

Anyway, there isn’t a complete guide we can give you on how much space you need. That’s one of the specific things you’ll need to figure out on your own because only you know how much you need. It’s just the best place to start, because, if the bag you choose doesn’t have room for your gear, it doesn’t really matter what else it does have.

What Specialized Equipment Do You Need to Protect?

In addition to ensuring that there is adequate space in a gear bag for the equipment you want or need to carry, you should also take a careful look at what equipment you want to provide with special protection. That is one of the main reasons that many softball bags are so useful - they have special pockets that keep your gear safe.

To illustrate this will have to take a look at a few different models of bags that are here in our collection of duffle bags, roller bags, and special backpacks. Consider the Miken Gold Series LE Pro Player Wheeled Roller Bag, which is self-styled as being built for players who “live out of their bags.”

Exaggeration aside, this bag has a number of specialized pockets to keep your gear safe and make it easier to take it all along with you.

For example, this particular bag has a specialized pocket that makes it easier to carry up to four different bats. It is a separate pocket that will protect your bats from the other equipment in your bag and vice versa.

It doesn’t stop with that. It also has a vented shoe compartment, both to keep your shoes safe and allow them to dry out. Your shoes will get wet in the turf and from your activity, and allowing them to dry out effectively is more than just a little important.

This bag also has a number of other separate pockets and compartments for all of your other gear, including a specialized ID pocket for your convenience. Without getting too lost in the details, it has a number of special pockets to keep your life easy, organized, and well-cared-for.

Other bags provide similar value, and each of them is a little bit different, so you’ll need to do some shopping to settle on what you want. For example, the DeMarini Special Ops Spectre USA Wheeled Roller Bag has six individual padded sleeves for bats, a cooler pocket, a vented compartment for shoes, and even a fleece-lined pocket for your phone, among other unique features.

Many other gear bags are similar without providing exactly the same number of unique compartments or identical protection. Check out some of the other unique equipment bags in our collection and see what they offer - there’s something in there for every unique need.

Is It Easy to Carry?

Another big thing that makes some gear bags desirable is the fact that many of them come with features that make them easier to carry, transport, or wheel about. Unspecialized gear bags can't say the same. Sure, one might have a shoulder strap, but that doesn’t give you that much flexibility, or that much comfort, for that matter.

Take a closer look at either of the two softball bags mentioned in the last section and you’ll see that both of them have numerous features that make it easier for you to get your gear from point A to point B - all of it.

For example, the first bag mentioned, the Miken, has easy-grip handles that make picking up, carrying, and loading the bag that much easier. Need to take the bag farther? No problem! The bag also has a telescoping handle and wide-sent tank wheels along with a sturdy base. Taking a lot on the go with you gets heavy, and this bag makes it easier to get it there.

The DeMarini bag above also has a telescoping handle and inline wheels for when rolling your bag seems more appealing than carrying it.

That being said, we have other bags that you can roll or carry where you please, depending on which is most amenable to you.

What Other Ergonomic Features Can It Provide?

In addition to roller wheels, easy-lift handles, and telescoping handles, there are other things that a gear bag can offer you to make it easier to get where you need to be and have your gear there with you.

As a quick example, if a backpack is more to your speed, for whatever reason, we have many fine examples of specialized gear backpacks that are designed for comfort and efficiency. The Worth Player Backpack Bag that you’ll find in our collection may not be a roller bag, but it is full of ergonomic add-ons nonetheless.

In addition to specialized compartments, including space for bats, it also has molded J-fence hooks, a comfortable, padded back to make it easier to carry along. Comfortable, spacious, and practical, it’s the perfect example to illustrate that there’s more than one way to pick out a gear bag for more than one set of needs.

What Other Perks Come Along with It?

On top of comfort and ergonomics, keep in mind that there are other valuable additions that companies like Worth, Miken, and DeMarini make to their gear bags that make them all the more useful and utilitarian.

Consider the Worth backpack mentioned in the last section. This backpack comes with a velcro placement on the outside of the bag for batting gloves, if you use them. It’s not a specialized compartment, but it’s highly useful nonetheless.

It also holds up to four bats, has a vented cleat compartment, and plenty of additional storage space for the organization of other equipment, gear, and valuables.

Going back to the DeMarini above, for example, it has a molded body that is extremely durable, as well as a separate interior bag for organization. It looks pretty cool, too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Other bags like the DeMarini Special Ops Baseball and Softball Roller Bag offer additional perks, like removable neoprene straps, a shoe compartment that is not only breathable but also washable, and adjustable compartments for your other gear. You can carry this bag or roll it, which is another nice bonus, too.

Really, there are a lot of little extras that come along with any given bag. To discover them, you need to do a little old fashioned shopping. In this case, check out our collection of bags via the link at the top of this article and sift through them - there’s plenty of usefulness to be discovered.

What Appeals to You?

Finally, the last thing you need to take into account is what matters to you. The aesthetics, and the functionality all rest with personal taste, and that’s something only you can answer for yourself.

Do you want a plain black bag that doesn’t make waves or the newest, hottest look in the locker room? Do bright patterns and slick lines appeal to you? Do you want a bag that matches up with the color scheme of your team?

The last piece of the puzzle is personal taste, and don’t be afraid to be particular about it. If you get a gear bag, you’re going to be carrying it around with you everywhere you go for a while.

Fill It up Here!

Don’t forget that you can fill your gear bag up with the essentials right here at HB Sports. Before the Spring season hits you can outfit yourself with a new fielding glove, a slow pitch bat or a fastpitch softball bat, new apparel, and much more.

If you’ve been waiting to treat yourself to some fresh gear, now is the time. Get ready at least before training starts again in the Spring!

Call Us with Questions

One more thing - don’t be afraid to give us a call if you have questions about any of our products. That includes gear bags but we’re happy to help you decide on anything else.

Do you have questions on bat sizing or weight drop? Want to learn more about the subjective qualities of leather versus synthetic as it relates to quality in fielding gloves and mitts?

We’re your source to the answers for any of these (and other) questions. Anytime you need to clear up some questions or just want recommendations for gear and equipment, call us up at 1-888-540-BATS and we’ll help you settle it!

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