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Picking up a New Batting Jacket? Read this First!

Picking up a New Batting Jacket? Read this First!

Batting jackets, sometimes also known as batting cage jackets or cage jackets, can serve as a vital component of your practice apparel, enhancing your comfort while you spend long hours in the batting cage perfecting your form and technique. Practice makes perfect, they say, and so you should outfit yourself with the best gear and accessories that you can while you’re refining your skills and form. It’s hard to get good when you’re not comfortable.

For that reason, some players choose to wear a batting cage jacket in the cage instead of just a t-shirt. Opinions vary on whether batting cage jackets are an absolutely critical component of your practice apparel, but the right one can keep you cool and comfortable - even during hours-long sessions.

To reap the benefits of comfort and protection, you need to make the right purchases. For those of you looking for a new batting cage jacket for the upcoming season, you’re in the right place. We have both the jackets you’ll love and the information you’ll need to make the right purchases.

Here are a few of the things you should be looking for in a new cage jacket that will help keep you comfortable as you hone your swing.

1.Lightweight design
You don’t need a fur parka to keep you warm in the batting cage. That is not what you’re going for here. Those pitches may come at you fast, but the idea of a batting cage jacket is support and comfort, not protection from errant balls.

For that very reason, a heavy jacket will cause you to overheat very quickly and will significantly impact your comfort - in a negative way. All else being equal, a lighter batting jacket is a much more worthwhile investment.

Breathability is one of the most important features you can look for in a jacket for the batting cage. An intense batting session will have you working up a serious sweat, and a jacket that doesn’t breathe will stifle you, cause you to overheat, and tire you out prematurely.

On the flip side, a light jacket that is made up of breathable materials will help to dissipate heat and moisture to keep you comfortable even when the heat is on.

3.Moisture-wicking ability
Breathability and lightweight design are important, but so is material that actively works to wick moisture away from your skin and allows it to evaporate. This is because heat alone is not the only factor that causes discomfort during intense training sessions.

As you are no doubt well-aware, sweat-soaked clothing is a terrible discomfort during long training sessions and can chafe and irritate your skin as well. High-quality batting jackets will actively wick moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable even during your most intense training sessions.

Flexibility is also important because some batting cage jackets have long sleeves and you can’t accept clothing that adversely impacts your range of motion. When you deliver a killer swing to connect with a pitch, you need to move freely throughout your entire range of motion. The best batting cage jackets will almost feel like they are not there, and where they do contact your body, they will give and flex without impediment.

Additionally, spaciousness is a valuable feature in batting jackets, and a relaxed or roomy fit is the best type of fit to provide you with the most freedom of movement. These jackets are not worn for form but for function, and you shouldn’t have to struggle around the confines of a tight-fitting or restrictive jacket. You don’t need to buy a size up, but you should make sure that the jacket has a loose-fitting design and won’t interfere with your game.

6.High-quality materials
High-quality construction is a requirement in batting cage jackets as well. If the design you choose looks nice but isn’t made from high-quality fabrics and built to a high standard of quality, it won’t be with you with many seasons, and cage jackets can take a beating with hard use.

7.Bonus - swag is nice, too!
By the way, you can have all of these features and still look your sharpest, too. If you’ve met these requirements, check out a jacket that compliments you as well. Many of our batting jackets are handsomely designed and decorated and feature the HB Sports logo embroidered onto the design. That’s just one last thing to throw into the mix.

If you can account for all of these features in one package in a quality batting cage jacket, then you’re well on your way to being prepared for those upcoming batting cage sessions to get you in fighting shape. You’ll be cool, comfortable, and have freedom through your range of movement, which, as you know, is completely necessary to execute a powerful swing!

You can also find a lot of these features in our collection of batting jackets, which you can investigate at the previous link. Check them out and get yourself a new one today, and of course, if you have product-specific recommendations or questions, reach out to us at 1-888-540-BATS.

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