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Performance Enhancing Features of DeMarini Softball Bats

Performance Enhancing Features of DeMarini Softball Bats

DeMarini softball bats, whether for fastpitch or slowpitch softball, are some of the most unequivocally esteemed softball bats in the game. This is not only because of player attestations or because of their legendary brand appeal, but also because every year, DeMarini is committed to producing innovative technological improvements to their equipment. Take a look through this list of some of the proprietary technology you can find in many of our DeMarini bats.

Note one thing - not every DeMarini bat includes all of this technology, as some of these features are opposed to the others in this list and are designed to deliver different performance, as based on the needs of an individual player. Take a look through our catalog to learn more.

DoublewallTM Gapped Barrel Technology
Among DeMarini’s most significant contributions to softball bats is in their DoublewallTM Gapped Barrel Technology that can vastly improve the performance of the bats that contain these features.

Many other bats on the market have one wall of construction in the barrel, but bats with DoublewallTM technology have two walls. This allows for greater compression of the barrel on contact with a bat, and, subsequently, higher speeds.A bat with a double walled construction can allow the same hitter not only to deliver faster speeds off the bat, but to achieve greater distances as well. This is the type of technology that power hitters can really get behind.

3Fusion Technology
DeMarini’s 3Fusion technology gives the bat manufacturer much greater control over the weight distribution of a bat. For players who need to play extremely close attention to weight drop ratings in order to ensure that their bats are compliant, as little as a half of an ounce can make a huge difference. By breaking the bat components into several pieces, it makes it much easier for them to distribute the weight, control handling and weight drop, and more.

Continuous Fiber Composite Technology
Bats manufactured with continuous fiber composite technology are made with strands of fiber that run, longitudinally, for the entire length of the bat. This accomplishes two goals. It gives the bat greater structural integrity - that is, it makes the bat stronger. In addition, it also provides for greater flex through the swing. A stronger and more flexible bat with only a minimal structural change required of the manufacturer? That sounds like a thing that only the visionaries at DeMarini could deliver.

Paradox Composite Design
Bats made with paradox composite design are made with composite materials of different stiffness that gives them a combination of differing strengths. For example, bats made with stiffer composite material in the handle but more flexible material in the barrel can exhibit the trampoline upon contact with the bat. This can make it much easier for players to transfer energy through the swing with a smaller effort than other bats would require.

Seismic Endcap Technology
DeMarini’s Seismic Endcap is built from the stiffest materials that they could conjure up. The result is an endcap that directs and transfers energy beautifully. When you pair a bat with an endcap like this with a large weight drop and a large sweet spot, the result is killer performance when dropped in the right hands. When you’re fine tuning your swing and your performance, features like this can make a noticeable difference.

ZnX Alloy Handles
If you like an insanely responsive bat that feels not only light in the hands but very stiff, then you might want to take a look at some DeMarini bats with ZnX Alloy handles. Their ZnX alloy is made with zinc and aluminum and then heat treated to deliver unbelievable stiffness and strength to the handle as a result.

This is the type of technology that players who need a really stiff and responsive bat will love. Check out some of our DeMarini bats; many of their slowpitch models feature this technology.

These are only a few of the features that you will find in some of our DeMarini softball bats, but to learn more about the proprietary technology that a given model contains, you’ll want to take some time to get more familiar with their offerings. Take a look at our pages of DeMarini softball bats, divided into DeMarini fastpitch softball bats and DeMarini slowpitch softball bats, in order to find what you’re looking for.

We realize that a lot of these proprietary terms can be difficult to understand on paper, so we’d like to welcome you to reach out to our customer service team to learn more about each of them. We have many years of experience and we’d love to shed some light on some of the finer points of performance that some of these amazing bats can offer. Reach out to us any time at 1-888-540-BATS and we’d be glad to offer our insight.

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