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Marucci Sports CAT9 Baseball Bat - Release Date, Specs, and Q&A

Marucci Sports CAT9 Baseball Bat - Release Date, Specs, and Q&A

Whether you're a huge Marucci Baseball Bat fan or avid travel baseball/high school baseball follower you've seen the Cat Series in Action for years now.  The Marucci Cat Series has been a dominant force to be reckoned with since the CAT5!  We, unfortunately were not selling Baseball Bats at that time but we were playing!  The loud ping of the Marucci Cat7 started to really shed light and bring attention to Marucci users on and off the field.  The sound in which you either love or hate is not only an attention grabber, but is usually followed with loud cheering from the stands from dingers and scuds to the outfield. 

With the CAT Series continuing to grow in popularity, we and obviously you.... are extremely excited for the CAT9 this year.  With the sick teaser video #maruccisports did on their insta the other day, we're finally able to show pictures to everyone! The secret has been killing us and we can't lie we've definitely showed a few locals, but now the pictures are out and we're free to show the world!

The new Marucci CAT9 launch begins August 21st directly from Marucci, and then we'll finally and yes I mean FINALLY get to launch this beautiful bat on August 31st.  The CAT9 Connect BBCOR bats won't be available until roughly 9/3/2020.  We will not be pre-ordering as we'll sell out to fast, but we'll be posting them on the site soon for notifications to be sent to you for our August 31st Midnight Eastern Release! 


Marucci Cat9 Baseball Bats at HeadbangerSports.Com


Let's get down to the nitty gritty on specs and details and the Q&A we're sure you're all looking for.  

Q1. What is the difference between the Marucci CAT8 and the new CAT9?
A1. The CAT9 is fabricated using Marucci's newest AZR aluminum. The AZR aluminum has the same strength as the previous AZ105 aluminum that was used to build the CAT8, however it has a MUCH more responsive microstructure for better performance across the entire barrel. The BBCOR version of the CAT9 additionally features their newest technology, the Longitudinal Groove System or LGS. The LGS is a set of grooves that runs longitudinally across the thickest wall section allowing for specific weight re-location and more flexibility at the sweet spot.

How is the Marucci CAT9 Made?  Longitudinal Groove System

Q2. Is the CAT9 balanced or end-loaded?
A2. The CAT9 is a precision balanced, one-piece alloy design with a medium M.O.I.

Q3. Is the CAT9 more for contact-hitters or power-hitters?
A3. Both power-hitters and contact-hitters would enjoy the CAT9. The stiffer flex of the one-piece alloy design will be beneficial for power-hitters while the balanced design with medium M.O.I. will be a good fit for contact-hitters.

Q4. Are there any rings or governors inside the CAT9?
A4. No, the CAT9 line features a ring-free barrel design, creating no “dead spots” and increasing performance.

Q5. What sizes are available from the CAT9 line?
A5. The CAT9 is available in -3 BBCOR which as always is a 2 5/8" Barrel. As well as the typical 2 ¾” -5, -8 and -10 Senior League, and 2 ¾” -10 Junior Big Barrel. (We were secretly hoping that the -5 would come in a 2 5/8" Barrel Too!)

Q6. What Sanction is the CAT9 Legal for Play? 
A6.  The Senior League CAT9 (-10, -8, and -5 models) and Junior Big Barrel (-10) models of the CAT9 are approved and legal for play in all USSSA Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments.  The Marucci CAT9 BBCOR (-3) is legal for play in all High School, JR/SR Little League, and other NFHS Sanctioned Events. 

Q7.  How much the does Marucci CAT9 Cost? 
A7. The industry-release pricing for the Marucci Cat9 BBCOR will be $349.95. The USSSA Marucci Cat9's will retail at $279.95. Keep in mind that we here at HeadbangerSports.Com offer FAST FREE shipping and Returns, full 12-month manufacturers warranties, and always make our customer service come first as much as possible! 

We will continue to update this post as we are able to release more and more information, please don't be afraid to visit and follow our Marucci Baseball Collection page for the LARGEST inventory of Marucci Baseball Bats in the industry! 

Also follow us on our Instagram for updates on releases, giveaways, and more! 

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  • Robert Ricci
    Robert Ricci

    Is the Cat9 senior league -10, 2 3/4 barrel legal in 10u travel play here in Long Island, NY,?? I’m reading conflicting info because of the 2 3/4 barrel vs 2 5/8. Thank you

  • Wayne Oglesbee
    Wayne Oglesbee

    Got the Cat9 alloy for my 12 yr. old grandson in 2021 and he had a great yr. hitting. 17 HR’s and avg. over .600 at the plate.
    Since he has turned 13 got him the Cat9 composite 32/27 and he loves it. Looking forward to seeing what he does with this bat this season.
    Great bat and well worth the money.

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