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Key Similarities & Differences between Baseball and Cricket

Key Similarities & Differences between Baseball and Cricket

It’s been a common occurrence in sports history for one sport to be invented, then later, another appears with some minor differences. One of the most classic examples of this today is baseball and cricket.

The relationship between cricket and baseball has been a popular one across the globe. The very first written reference to cricket was during the late 16th-century, while the first game of baseball wasn’t played until 1876.

Even with centuries between the two sports’ humble beginnings, there are still very clear similarities between the two along with notable differences. It’s hard to dispute they’re quite similar, but, contrary to popular belief, baseball didn’t actually come from cricket!

In fact, both of these bat-and-ball games got their inspiration from a common English children’s game called rounders, which itself dates back to the Tudor period!

While both cricket and baseball have the same “ancestor,” so to speak, they are indeed their very own individual sports to this day. Cricket has become the second most popularly watched sport (second to association football or “soccer”) while baseball is the eighth most popular in the world. But what exactly are their similarities and differences?

Let’s talk a closer look at cricket and baseball, even discussing their positions, offensive maneuvers, and what goes into their rolling bat bags and other equipment bags!

Key Similarities between Cricket and Baseball

Pitchers and Batters/Bowlers and Batters
The concept of a player throwing a ball to another player, whose objective is to hit the ball to ultimately earn points for their team, is a common one for both sports. In baseball, these players are referred to as “pitchers” and “batters.” In cricket, they are called “bowlers” and also “batters.”

Players Play Defense in the Field to Catch the Ball
As aforementioned, both sports have “batters.” When they do make contact with the ball, there are players in the field somewhat around the pitcher/bowler to catch the ball and make a defensive play.

Batters Run in the Field to Score Points

 rolling bat bags

When batters hit the ball, they (and potentially other batters already on the field) run around to attempt to score points. Batters run around the field while defensemen attempt to get the hit ball to the bases (in baseball) or bases and/or wickets (in cricket) to stop any runs or points from being scored against their team.

Home Runs/Six Runs
When batters hit the ball outside the parameters of the field without it bouncing on the field, this is a notable occurrence in both sports and is such a remarkable way to score points or runs. In baseball, it is one run (unless there are others on base) and in cricket, it is six runs.

When Batters Are Out, Teams Switch Places
After a certain number of batters are deemed “out,” the teams exchange places: those in the field can come up to bat and those batting take the field.

Key Differences between Cricket and Baseball

Different Pitching Angles, Techniques, and Rules
While throwing a ball for a batter to potentially hit it is a commonality between the two sports, there are certain elements to these actions that differ. In cricket, bowlers throw the ball in a more arc-like formation after a long run-up while also having the option to bounce the ball previous to its arrival to the batter.

In baseball, however, pitchers cannot engage in a run-up to throw the ball; they can only step and throw. Pitchers can of course bounce the ball before it reaches the batter, but it is not considered a good pitch and the batter will very likely not swing at it.

The Equipment Is Mostly Unique for Each Sport

rolling bat bags

While both cricket and baseball players use rolling bat bags or other such equipment bags for their many gear items, what they put in them is relatively different.

Cricket bats, for one example, have one flat side and often have a cane handle. Baseball bats, on the other hand, are cylindrical and somewhat hollow on the inside. Batters in cricket wear large batting pads, which cover their legs from their feet to above the knees. Batters in baseball, however, do not wear this protective gear.

The Number of Players Per Team
In baseball, the number of players that are permitted to play at once on one team is nine. Meanwhile, for cricket, 11 players are needed per team for a game to commence.

3 Formats for Cricket, But 1 for Baseball
Baseball has one typical format of play that is rather invariable. However, cricket has three formats: the Test Match (lasts 5 days), the One-Day game (lasts one day), and Twenty20s (each team has 20 “overs” to bowl to the opposing team).

There are plenty of other similarities and differences between these beloved sports, but these are just the most notable ones. When you are looking for the best equipment and places to put them (such as bat bags, rolling bat bags, and the like), trust no one other than us to provide you with what you need to play your favorite sport! Browse our offerings today to find what you need on the field.

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