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How to Throw a Slider- Grips & Tips for Pitchers

How to Throw a Slider- Grips & Tips for Pitchers

The slider is a difficult pitch to throw, but it can be a powerful weapon on the field when mastered. It takes time, practice, and a balance of speed and spin to perfect it, but when done correctly, it can be a game-changer for any pitcher.

In this article, we'll cover everything from how do you throw a slider in baseball, slider grips, slider tips, and spin techniques to troubleshooting tips so you can become an expert at throwing sliders!

What is a Slider & How Do You Grip It?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that is thrown with a grip and motion similar to a fastball but with a tighter and lateral spin that causes the ball to break or "slide" horizontally in the opposite direction of the pitcher's arm motion. This movement causes difficulty for hitters to make contact with the ball and makes your pitching repertoire more effective.

A slider can enhance a pitcher's skills by keeping batters off balance, providing variety, being a good strikeout pitch, inducing weak contact, and controlling walks. It can also make it harder for the batter to predict its trajectory and adjust to the pitcher's style. To grip a baseball for throwing a slider, follow these steps:

  • Place the ball in your hand with the seams running vertically.
  • Place your middle finger and index finger across the seams of the ball.
  • Place your thumb on the bottom of the ball, directly beneath your fingers.
  • Keep your fingers relaxed, and make sure your fingers are not too far apart or too close together.

This grip will allow you to put pressure on the ball with your middle and index fingers, creating the spin necessary for a slider.

How to Throw a Slider in Baseball?

Learning how to throw a slider starts with having the right grip and correct mechanics. Here are 5 steps to help your slider throw perfectly:

  1. Place your index and middle finger along the horseshoe-shaped seams of the baseball, with your thumb underneath to grip and throw the ball accurately and with maximum velocity.

  2. When you release the ball, focus on applying extra pressure with your middle finger to make it spin and move laterally as it approaches the plate.

  3. As you release the ball, snap your wrist forward to create the spin.

  4. Keep your arm angle low to create the side-to-side movement on the ball that makes it difficult for the batter to hit.

  5. After throwing the pitch, follow through with your arm to finish high above your head. This will ensure that your slider has maximum spin and movement.

Sliders take time to perfect. Experimenting with different slider grip baseball options can help pitchers find the one that feels most comfortable and effective.

How to Put a Spin on Your Pitch?

Sliders are an incredibly useful and versatile pitch in baseball to catch the hitter off guard with sudden changes in speed or movement. To get the most out of your slider, it's crucial to know how to put a spin on it.

  • Use your fingers to grip the ball correctly. Hold the ball slightly off-center in your hand, with your index and middle finger on one side of the seams to create a backspin and give the pitch more movement.
  • Put pressure on your fingers as you release the ball to rotate the ball inwards (towards the plate) for a tighter spin on the pitch and a more deceptive movement.
  • Aim for the outside corner of the plate to break away from the hitter.
  • Focus on arm action, not speed. Use your wrist and elbow to generate spin on the pitch rather than relying solely on arm strength.

How Much Speed Should You Put Behind Your Slider?

Pitchers like to throw their slider at a slightly slower velocity (between 10-15 mph) than their fastball to confuse hitters. For beginners, throw your slider around 8-12 mph slower than your fastball. For relief pitchers, up it to 10-14 mph. These speeds vary depending on the pitcher's strength and comfort level.

Throwing a slider can be a valuable tool for pitchers of all levels. By understanding the slider's grip, release, and speed, you can improve your pitching skills and give yourself an edge on the mound.

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