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Great Reasons to Get a New Pair of New Balance Cleats

Great Reasons to Get a New Pair of New Balance Cleats

While you might spend the better part of your time and most of your budget on a new bat or a new mitt, you shouldn’t let a good pair of cleats fall by the wayside. While a bat is important while you’re at bat, and a mitt is important when you’re in the field, you’ll be on your feet the entire game. That makes the importance of footwear one of the most critical influences in a player’s success during a game.

Therefore you shouldn’t take shopping for footwear lightly. Your comfort during a game will impact your performance, as will it impact your ability to react to the game as it unfolds. Your cleats should be comfortable, supportive, breathable, and yes, they should offer you plenty of grip on the field. You have no shortage in choices out there, but we think you should take the time to consider a pair of New Balance Cleats for the following reasons.

Superior Comfort and Support

The comfort and support that a pair of shoes offers you can and will make a profound difference in your performance during a game. Shoes should fit you comfortably without restricting your movement or presenting any hot sports. New Balance shoes - and cleats in specific - are groundbreaking for the quality of their construction and for the components that make them extremely comfortable and supportive.

Many models of New Balance shoes are manufactured with baseball-specific rubber plates as well as an EVA midsole for enhanced comfort and support. EVA is not only lightweight, but it offers excellent cushioning but it is also resistant to compression so it can offer you impact rebound resistance for a long time. When it does get compressed, it’s fairly easy to replace. The point is, you can play a game or train hard for hours in a pair of New Balance cleats and not wear out as quickly. Just make sure you get the right size and that they fit you well and you’ll be good to go.


Many examples of cleats and turf shoes by New Balance are made with synthetic nubuck leather uppers with strategic perforations to help keep your feet cool and dry as they offer a large degree of breathability. It’s the kind of insight that some manufacturers just don’t pay into development and it makes a huge difference during a game.

Even when the weather in the fall takes a turn for the cold, when you’re playing hard you’re going to work up a sweat. That sweat is going to cause an otherwise comfortable pair of shoes to become abrasion hot spots against your feet. If there’s nowhere for the moisture to go, it will take its toll on your comfort during the course of a game. That’s just one more thing that makes New Balance footwear worth it.

Excellent Traction

New Balance cleats are manufactured with a specific cleat pattern to give you excellent traction whether you are in the outfield or within the diamond. Their cleats can help you accelerate, cut, and react at amazingly high speeds. All you need to do is wear a pair and give them a trial run to see for yourself.

This is important because the primary value of cleats lies in the traction they are able to afford. If you didn’t need the grip that cleats could afford you you might as well go with a pair of sneakers or turf shoes. Yet there are those times when nothing but a pair of cleats will do, and when getting to a fly ball in time means the difference between winning and losing a game, you’ll be glad you picked up a good pair of cleats.

Technological Innovation

We already covered some of the technological innovations that New Balance creates and incorporates into their footwear within this article. Features like the pattern of their cleat tread and the pattern of the perforation of the uppers are all designed with reliability and performance in mind. You’ll also find that a pair of New Balance cleats contains other user friendly features like a Lace Cage to keep laces tucked out of the way. More than one player has been tripped up in the past by errant laces and New Balance is ever ready to adopt or invent new technology to give players the ability to unleash their potential. Look for the best in New Balance.

Whether you’ve come to HB Sports for a new pair of cleats or for a new mitt, you’ll be glad to know that we offer all the gear that baseball and softball players could possibly need. From batting gloves to catchers’ mitts to fastpitch softball bats, we have it all, along with great prices and peerless customer service. If you’re looking for something but need a little help finding it, put our service to the test - call us at 1-888-540-BATS.

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