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Got Mud? Let’s Properly Clean That Softball and Baseball Gear

Got Mud? Let’s Properly Clean That Softball and Baseball Gear

We know that you are passionate about playing your favorite sport, whether it be softball or baseball. Those feelings are evoked when making a cheer-worthy defensive play, smacking the ball where defensemen can’t get it, or stomping on home plate with your studded cleats and with gusto– they’re undeniably second to none.

But, like all other sports, baseball and softball are not without their downfalls. For one, both sports are just downright dirty! The dirt, the grass, the more-often-than-not mud, even the cumbersome weather conditions– they are indeed messy sports.

Secondly, the expensive and abundant number of gear that you constantly need to bring from home to the diamond. And, lastly, the possibility of ruining said gear all because of the filthy components of your favorite game!

Well, we can at least fix the latter issue here.

Let’s dive into best practices for cleaning your necessary pieces of equipment– from softball bat bags to cleats.

Glove or Mitt
First and foremost, let’s get your fielding sidekick cleaned in order to extend its longevity and keep it working the best it can for you. First, we’ll need to rid of any excess dirt, mud, or grass buildup with a brush. Just take a soft-bristled brush or a dry cloth and wipe it all off.

Next, use a little leather-safe cleaner to rid of any stubborn debris that remains.

Follow up with some conditioner, which can greatly assist in your leather’s stability and strength. But, be careful not to use too much, as excessive amounts can stay on the glove and actually be a magnet to dirt and other nasty particles. Counterproductive much?

But what about the inside, which could also accumulate dirt and plenty of your own sweat? You can clean the soft material inside with a cloth that’s dampened with mild soap and warm water. Afterward, let it dry (if there’s too much water, though, soak that up with a dry cloth). If there is leather inside, use a similar cleaning practice as you did on the exterior of the glove.

You know full well that feeling of walking around with your cleats’ bottoms covered in mud and dirt. Awkward, uncomfortable, and– simply put– annoying. Take off your cleats and, in a convenient outdoor location away from others, clap the bottoms of your cleats together to release those stubborn mud cakes and grass clumps. For the smaller elements that remain, use a toothbrush and a damp cloth to get rid of them. Let air dry, but not in direct sunlight.

Have stains that refuse to budge? Take a cloth, soak it in warm water and laundry detergent, and get to (somewhat gently) scrubbing. Finish up with a damp cloth (only with water this time) to wipe away soap and other residues.

You can also remove your insoles (which can get quite nasty, as you might already know) along with your shoelaces, then wash them on cold and delicate in a pillowcase or other conveniently small laundry-safe bag.

Baseball and Softball Bat Bags
While you may not be utilizing your baseball and softball bat bags in the field or batter’s box, it, too, can suffer at the hands of the dirt, mud, grass, and grime of the game. Whether you have a backpack, catcher’s bag, roller bag, or otherwise, your equipment bag needs a good scrub down from time to time.

With the help of a gentle laundry detergent, water, and a thick-bristle brush, you can clean the outside of your bag efficiently. You can achieve this via your backyard gardening hose or in a sink in your house. Make sure to get into the tough nooks and crannies– and don’t forget those wheels if you have them!

You can also continue this process inside (so long as the materials are the same). If it is soaked, you can dab excess water and let it air dry.

Catcher’s Protective Gear
Calling all catchers: it’s time to clean your dirty and (most likely) stinky gear. You can wipe down the hard exteriors of all pieces– helmet, chest protector, and shin guards– with a damp cloth. As for the padding, rub them with either a sponge or cloth that is damp with warm water and mild soap. This should eliminate dirt, sweat, and odor.

Now, just leave them out to air dry and voila– they should smell clean and look fresh and ready for more action behind the plate!


Last but certainly not least, your bat– your offensive weapon– often needs a good but proper cleaning, as it can easily accumulate dirt but also marks from the ball. All you need to get the job done right is warm water, very mild soap, and a cloth. No heavy-duty soaps here, as they can deteriorate and even damage the exterior coating. Then, wipe your end cap, barrel, and knob down with that.

But what about your bat’s grip? Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth together. This dynamic duo revitalizes the surface, improving the grip’s practicality and longevity. Put only a bit of the alcohol on the cloth, then rub in a circular motion in the same direction it appears.

Be sure to browse all of our baseball and softball equipment, which includes baseball and softball bat bags, gear, apparel, and much more! If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-540-BATS.

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